Hi and Hello to our AIFD NW Flower Family.

Oh how time flies! Like sweet Summer honey bees there is a buzz in the air and we are so Xcited to welcome one and all to our neck of the woods very soon for an Xceptional, Xciting, Xtraordinary Seattle Symposium Xperience! This has been an incredible year filled with flowers, friends and fun! Our efforts were focused on providing floral design education, spreading AIFD awareness to the public, and welcoming folks to attend Seattle Symposium X.

Our year kicked off in Anaheim with our playful pirate members inviting folks to set sail with us on the horizon to Seattle where X marks the spot. The journey took us on adventures to United Wholesale Flowers San Jose CA, Montana State Florists Association Helena MT, Gateway to America’s Cup Vancouver BC, Frank Adams Wholesale Portland OR with Erik Witcraft AIFD and Frank Blanchard CFD, Lan Su Chinese Gardens and 9th Moon Floral Design Showcase Portland OR, Denver Wholesale Florist Kent WA with Anthony Vigliotta AIFD, Northwest Flower and Garden Show Seattle WA, United Floral Inc. Vancouver BC, and the City College of San Francisco Floral/Horticulture Department CA with Leopoldo Gomez.

We were welcomed by so many regional floral industry partners this year. We can not thrive without the kind and generous support from our various wholesalers, supply companies, service organizations, and industry growers. Along with our hosting Wholesaler and Industry related organization partners and schools listed above some of our additional industry partners this year were Unlimited Containers Inc., Oasis Floral Products, Fitz Design, Accent Décor, Washington Floral Service Tacoma WA, Green Point Nursery Hilo HI, Peace of Mind Nursery Silverton OR, Floral Design Institute Portland OR, Langara College Floral Art Department Vancouver BC, Master Florists Association, Repetto Nursery, Blossom Valley Floral Inc, Mt. Eden Floral Company, and Florist Review Magazine. As a gesture of thanks and support for all their contributions I ask you to please come out and visit their table booths during the annual Symposium Partners Expo and Book Fair on Sunday July 2nd at 1:15 PM. 

It took many hands and hearts to make this year a success and I am so truly grateful for my AIFD Northwest Flower Family. Speaking of AIFD NW flower family, at this time I would like to announce your new AIFD NW board of directors for 2017/2018. We invite all the Northwest AIFD and CFD Members to attend the annual membership meeting and Installation of Officers ceremony taking place at 10:00 on Sunday July 2nd 2017 in room 616 of the convention center during Seattle Symposium. To be installed is President Erik Witcraft AIFD, President Elect Louisa Lam AIFD, Vice President Robin Phillips AIFD, Secretary Nita Robertson AIFD, Treasurer Linda Marshall-Robbins AIFD, Regional Rep Wil Gonzalez AIFD, Directors at Large Mike Sinanovic AIFD, Donald Yim AIFD, Gina Thresher AIFD, Connie Oakson AIFD, Brian Smith AIFD, Brenna Quan AIFD, Juliana Blanks AIFD, Lindsey Peterson AIFD and I, Sharrai Morgan AIFD, am so honored to continue and serve on as your Past President next year. I know that incoming President Erik and his team will do incredible good works and have many great things in store for us! I would also like to extend a very warm thank you to Rachelle Nyswonger-Neal AIFD, Emil Yanos AIFD, Jon Robert Throne AIFD and Heather DeKok AIFD as our four retiring board members for their hard work, dedication and service to our chapter. Sending a sweet shout of thanks also to all my committee members and Karen Genoud AIFD for all your help and dedication this year too! As our regional Historian Karen Genoud AIFD is looking for all our NW AIFD past presidents to document our chapter’s history so if you have been a Present of the Northwest chapter or know the contact information for these folks please get in touch with Karen asap at kgtheflowershop@yahoo.com.

We would like to congratulate and soon welcome our 13 new Seattle Symposium inductees into the AIFD NW Flower family. To Su Ja Choi CFD, Hidemi Ono CFD, Mandie Grunewald CFD, Michelle Headrick CFD, Joy Hill CFD, Frank Blanchard CFD, Lynde Disomma CFD, Kathy Michele Jones CFD, Hee Joo CFD, Janet Killian CFD, Kyung Yun Kim CFD, Wendy Lee Kissack CFD, and Fiona Li CFD we are so Xcited to see you receive your pin and become accredited members of AIFD. We know it will be an Xquisite night to remember and we can’t wait to share it with you! Don’t forget to come root for our new inductees during the induction ceremony on June 3rd at 6:30 PM. To our new inductees and board members, please don’t forget to stick around after the induction ceremony so we can promptly take some beautiful Kiss and Cry pictures together onstage to commemorate this special night.

We also would like to extend a very warm welcome and congratulations to our Northwest Scholarship winner for this year, Miss Robin Hardebeck! We can’t wait to show you the Seattle Symposium X Sights!

We have many NW members presenting programs on the big stage this year during Seattle symposium. Our local featured presenters are David Kessler AIFD, Erik Witcraft AIFD, Frank Blanchard CFD, Aniko Kovaks AIFD, Donald Yim AIFD, Jon Robert Throne AIFD, Louisa Lam AIFD and Francoise Weeks. It warms my heart to see so many home team hero’s shining brightly soon. We know you have some Xceptional things in the works and please remember we are cheering for you all the way! See symposium program for various local presenter dates and times.

Since we are the hosting region this time around we have had the unique opportunity to mentor and support many NW regional PFDE Candidates this year so if you have mentored or helped anyone in their PFDE testing process I send you a tremendous token of gratitude and thanks. Don’t miss the PFDE candidate reception on Thursday June 29th at 7:00 PM so we can celebrate their hard work and fabulous floral displays in the hopes of becoming accredited AIFD Northwest Members. This symposium event portion is free and open to the public.

Wanna show off and sport your Seattle Symposium X Pride? When you check into the Emerald City keep an eye out on the horizon for our AIFD NW fundraiser booth table starting on July 1st. There you can grab a cool Seattle Symposium X T-Shirt or a fabulous hand painted floral scarf. These vital sale proceeds help fund our chapter’s workings and supply the needed money gains to help fund our chapter’s scholarship endeavors and goals for the future. So don’t forget to swing by for your floral fashion needs and sport your Northwest Support. We are still looking for folks to work table shifts so if you would like to sit for a bit and sell sell sell please consider signing up for a shift with fundraiser chairperson Nita Robertson AIFD santacruzfloral@yahoo.com

Our symposium Corsage Bar Chair this year is Rachelle Nyswonger-Neal AIFD. She is currently looking for flowers to wear pre-made bases so please consider creating a few pieces to share and donate to our corsage bar project. Make them at home and bring with you to symposium then bring to Rachelle at corsage bar location. 

There will also be opportunities to visit the AIFD Foundation auction tables with proceeds going to the Foundation to help raise national AIFD Organization funds and national scholarship opportunity grants. Plus there are always some incredible treasures to find at the AIFD Foundation Auction on Monday July 3rd-Tuesday July 4th from 9:00-5:00. 

Another great way to volunteer is to assist with our national Blooms Service Project. If you have an hour to spare please consider helping our chairperson Toni Chow-Tibbits AIFD in creating a few bouquets that will take our left over flowers from the week of Symposium and spread some smiles throughout the great city of Seattle. Please contact Toni at toni@caprifloraldesign.com or our national volunteer task force chairperson James Lowe AIFD jalowe@lowesfloral.com to offer your volunteer time and services. 

Before the big week begins the flower processing team is in need of helping hands to process and cut bountiful amounts of blossoms so if you are in the local area starting June 28th and have an extra couple of hours to help process flowers I know this team would be in abundant appreciation of your help. To help process flowers please contact Chairperson Patti Fowler AIFD or Co-chair Lynde Disomma CFD at lyndelovesdahlias@gmail.com

The Convention Center Atrium Entrance Floral Gallery is open and free to the public so grab a guest or tell your friends and family to come see what all the AIFD flower fuss and fun is all about. (*Please Note* Free admission area is in the Atrium entrance flower gallery section only. All other Symposium areas are for paid registration admittance). 

To our Symposium Program Coordinator Wil Gonzalez AIFD and adopted sister Symposium Director Cindy Anderson AIFD it has been a joy to work with you both these past few years while getting ready for Seattle Symposium X. Your hard work, dedication, and bright creative lights are getting ready to show center stage and I know the floral industry is about to be amazed! I thank you for your guidance, support, and friendship, now it’s on with the show this is it! We will all be there with bells on to help you in any way we can. Don’t miss out on Wil and Cindy’s Unveiling Party and Seattle Symposium X grand Opening reception on Saturday July 1st 6:00 PM in the convention center Sky Bridge.

This opening reception will also be a wonderful opportunity to view our regional chapter Student Competition pieces so we can show them our loving support. This symposium event portion is free and open to the public. 

To our amazing Northwest Past President and incoming National President Kim Oldis AIFD we send you many many congratulations on this new chapter ahead. I know you will bring Xquisite beauty, Joy, and grace to our AIFD National goals, hopes, dreams, and wishes for the future and I know you will keep our beloved organization thriving! Please know that we are here to support you when needed and here to cheer you on always! To see what our national goals with be in the new coming year and to support Kim and our other various national board members please consider attending the annual members meeting on Sunday July 2nd at 11:30 AM. 

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude and thanks to our National President Anthony Vigliotta AIFD and my fellow regional presidents. From day one they have welcomed and encouraged me with warm open arms and for that I am so truly grateful. Being the only lady in our fun bunch felt like I had a room full of awesome bothers and one really cool uncle to help guide and support me along the way 😉 I thank them for being my extended flower family this year! Celebrate with Anthony and the national AIFD Flower family as we dance the night away for the final night Leadership dinner gala on Wednesday July 5th cocktails starting at 6:30 PM. 

To our AIFD NW flower family members. We could not be us without you! We are spread very far and wide throughout the great Northwest of this beautiful nation and although we are far apart we are very mighty in spirit, talent, and heart! It has been an absolute pleasure, honor, and joy to work alongside all of you this year. As the wonderful quote says “It takes a village to raise a flower family” and for that I can never thank all of you enough but would like to send you my sincerest gratitude always!

Before the sun sets on this chapter of mine there is still one last great adventure to be had, with that in mind I invite you all to attend and take part in our AIFD NW Hosting Region Sleepless in Seattle Slumber Party hospitality event on Sunday July 2nd at 9:00 P.M. in the Sheraton Hotel Cirrus Room (35th floor)! Come kick off your Xciting symposium Xperience together! This will be a very special time for us to shine and to show the flowering world what the AIFD NW Region can do! We’ll meet with flower friends while we dance the night away and take full advantage of Seattle Symposium insomnia. Everyone is encouraged to attend and come Dressed in your most comfy and cozy pajamas. There will be a prize for the prettiest PJ’S and although we are a colorful bunch that encourages creativity please keep sleepwear options fun but Tasteful. If you would like to volunteer your help in preparing posies and party décor or to set up our party room please contact me, Sharrai Morgan AIFD, asap as the Sleepless in Seattle Slumber Party chair person at hollysfineflowers@hotmail.com

Just like the sweet honey bees of Summer, the Northwest members and I are busily buzzing getting ready in preparation to welcome everyone to our Northwest hive very soon, but before I can take my leave to go, this Queen bee would like to bid you hello, for this is not a goodbye but rather a see you real soon for Seattle Symposium X! I promise the X will “bee” all a buzz!

Sharrai Morgan AIFD

President AIFD Northwest Region


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