Featuring Leopoldo Gomez

Net proceeds will benefit the AIFD Foundation.

Picture5The AIFD Design Experience is an Optional
Registration. An Additional Tuition Fee is Required.
Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to
experience the brilliance of Leopoldo Gomez as
he presents extraordinary designs and inspirational
techniques in a program format that will allow you
to interact in learning those techniques. As one of
the world’s leading floral artists, it will be Leopoldo’s
Influence that Inspires all who attend. Register today
for the complete design experience.
The magnificence, while inspirational, will provide
the attendee the chance to delve into the techniques
related to each and every shared creation. The
hands-on portion of the day will share an
interactive collaboration where each will return
home with a clear understanding of the majestic
mechanics that offer a solid learning of the
inspirational style known to Leopoldo Gomez.
Lunch will be on your own providing time to share
with friends.
It has been said that inspiration opens the creative
spirit to incredible ideas. We know that with this
Influence that Inspires that you will leave National
Symposium with a wealth of knowledge that
increases your abilities to inspire others and
embrace your own incredible talent.
An additional tuition fee of only $150.00 is needed
for this full day of Inspiration. Space is limited, so
be sure to register early.
The net proceeds from this Design Experience will
be donated to the AIFD Foundation.
Please see the AIFD Registration Form to register
for this and all AIFD Symposium Events. Limited
Registration accepted for this Design Experience.
Please bring your tools to the Design Experience.

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