President’s Message

Greetings to my friends in our North-East Region where we are slowly thawing out. With the arrival of spring on the calendar we are still waiting for Mother Nature to begin to act like spring is here. The month of March certainly has kept our chapter members quite busy. Rebecca Carter AIFD and Michael Derouin AIFD ran an extremely successful North East Floral Expo sponsored by the Connecticut Florists Association. The expo was held March 4th and 5th. AIFD had quite a presence there with workshops and design programs being presented by many members. The lineup of our AIFD “Floral Stars” included Michael Derouin AIFD, Donald Yim AIFD, Yoli La Guerer AIFD, Darcie Garcia AIFD, Laurie Lemek AIFD and Jacob Mc Call AIFD. The weekend proved to be not only educational but exciting and fun as well. Our board is considering getting our region much more involved in this event. We will keep you posted.

Also, hard at work were Ron Mullray AIFD and Cres Motzi AIFD at the Philadelphia Flower Show Exhibit. Installation began March 8th with the show opening night gala on March 10th. The exhibit featured the talent of 19 designers and many many volunteers all given the task to bring Holland to life. This year we were visited by our president Anthony Vigliotta AIFD attending the opening night gala with our own lovely Janet Black AIFD. We were awarded the bronze medal (not all agree with the judges scores). The gorgeous feature did wow the public with accolades coming from all. From the amazing floating bicycles to the art features right down to the gin distillery. It was all wonderful and everyone involved should be so proud.
Bill Schaefer AIFD and Kristine Kratt AIFD also had an amazing exhibit at the show. Many AIFD designers and friends helped them with their feature. The entire exhibit was created with bicycle wheels and parts and adorned with thousands of gorgeous orange flowers. They received a bronze medal too (again not all agree with the judges scores). It was truly magnificent and all were wowed by its grandeur. Again, all involved should be very proud.

So, as you can see it’s been a busy month for us at the NERC, we are truly one of the hardest working regions of AIFD. All should be proud.

On April 5th, Laurie Lemek AIFD hosted a spring fundraiser for our region at Pennock Floral Supply in Springfield Mass, which featured the talents of AIFD members from our region, who demonstrated new and wonderful techniques for the upcoming prom season. We look forward to a follow-up on this exciting event.

Happy Spring everyone!!

Respectfully Submitted
Robert De Bellis AIFD, CFD, PFCI
President North East Regional Chapter of AIFD

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