Effective July 1, 2014, AIFD members will need to report that 30 units of continuing education/leadership have been attained every five years for the first 20 years of their membership.

Report Your CEU Renewal

To maintain the status of an Accredited Member of AIFD®, designers must meet continuing education requirements every five years which can be done here:

Continuing Education Requirements and Procedures for Maintaining AIFD® Accreditation

Continual professional development activities are essential in enabling professional floral designers to demonstrate their creative abilities and talent. Therefore, to maintain accreditation as a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers®, floral designers must accumulate 30 points of continuing education or floral industry leadership every five (5) years and submit a completed Continuing Education Renewal Report form. As a reminder, AIFD® accredited members must report a minimum of five (5) leadership/services/educator/presenter units as part of their 30 unit report.

Continuing education points for renewal of AIFD® Accreditation can be earned from the date immediately following the National Symposium in which an AIFD® member was inducted, until the final date of a National Symposium five years later; then, in a similar pattern for each of the next five year periods. There is no fee to submit your CE Renewal Form.

AIFD® Accredited members, upon reaching 21 years of continuous Accredited Membership, shall be waived from needing to meet further continuing education requirements provided that he or she maintains his or her membership in good standing with the Institute. Also, should an AIFD® member reach the age of 65 and be fully retired from the floral industry, the requirement of continuing education shall be waived.

Approximately twelve months prior to the expiration of any five year continuing education renewal cycle, AIFD® will email reminder notices of the continuing education renewal cycle to all AIFD® Accredited Members.

How to Earn Your 30 (AIFD®)

The following CEUs are not exclusive to the credits that can be earned and submitted towards your 30 CEU requirement (with at least 5 CEUs earned in the Leadership/Services/Educator/Presenter Category). Should you have questions at any time regarding what CEUs you are eligible to submit, please contact AIFD® headquarters via email at info@aifd.org or by phone at 443.966.3850.

Click here to view some of the ways to earn CEUs.

Failure to Renew: What Happens Now?

Those Failing to Report CE Points Face Loss of Certification and Membership. CE Reporting Forms are due by June 15 the year of your renewal.

The Board of Directors of the American Institute of Floral Designers® and its Accreditation Evaluation Committee have set the following policy to address the loss of Accreditation due to failure to meet the renewal requirement:

A floral designer who has not acquired sufficient continuing education points for renewal on the scheduled renewal date will be notified in writing that his or her Accreditation is suspended and that he/she is prohibited from using the AIFD®/CFD designation and will no longer be listed as an AIFD® Accredited Member until the floral designer:

  1. Resubmits to the Professional Floral Design Evaluation® (PFDE®) process and successfully meets the criteria for Accreditation/Certification; or
  2. Accumulates and reports a total of 30 (AIFD®) continuing education units within one year of his or her date of suspension.

Should an AIFD® Accredited Member fail to comply with either of the above or fail to submit his or her annual membership or certification dues within 12 months, he or she will lose his or her Accreditation with AIFD® and shall have no alternative but to resubmit to the PFDE® process and successfully meet the appropriate criteria.

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