Artist in Residence (AIR) is a cooperative program of industry partners and active and student members of AIFD® that work together to facilitate the placement of AIFD® guest educators at colleges and universities with SAIFD Chapters. Each SAIFD Chapter is required to host an AIR program on an annual basis.

Through this program, leading industry designers are linked to the campuses with SAIFD Chapters. AIFD designers/commentators are invited to teach and demonstrate some of the floral industry’s latest trends, techniques and styles. This knowledge helps to strengthen student’s skills as they enter the job market. In addition, the students also receive the benefits of hands-on, one-on-one design work with the guest artist. The AIR program builds bridges of community and career opportunities while also helping industry designers become more knowledgeable about colleges and their training programs.

Steps to Hosting an AIR Program

  1. Determine the date and type of AIR program for your SAIFD Chapter and/or floral design classes.
  2. Contact an AIFD designer or commentator who is willing to participate. There is typically no payment to the designer for their services as it is a fulfillment of their commitment to better educate students as set forth in the AIFD Code of Ethics and Professional Practices. However, expenses such as travel, meals and hotel accommodations should be paid by the hosting Chapter.
  3. Contact the Student Membership/AIR Committee Chair if questions arise or a designer cannot be found.
  4. Contact local suppliers or other AIFD Associate members to request small product donations specific to the scheduled program.
  5. Host the guest designer by introducing to other faculty, administrators and local members of the floral industry if appropriate. Take the time to let the guest designer meet with student individually, or in small groups to discuss the opportunities and advantages of a career in the floral industry.
  6. The length of the AIR program is flexible, with the guest designer visiting the college campus from one to three days.

Follow-up Procedure

  1. Complete the AIR Grant Application & Post Program Questionnaires. Send these to the National Student Membership/AIR Committee Chair for approval. It will be forwarded to AIFD Headquarters to initiate payment to your SAIFD Chapter for a $500 grant. Processing will typically take two to four weeks.
  2. Prepare a press release. Include photographs, digital, color or black/white and a short description of the program, including guest designers, sponsors and number of participants. Make four copies: (1) Send to your local newspaper, (2) Send to AIFD Focal Points Editor, (3) Send to sponsor(s); and (4) Send to National Student Membership/AIR Chair.
  3. Deadline for submission of all AIR Grant Applications is June 1. Late submissions will not be eligible for grant consideration.

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