Membership Oath of Professional Practice

Certified Professionals and Accredited Members of the American Institute of Floral Designers agree to practice in accordance with the following principles of professional practice:


Members of the Institute will encourage individuals who demonstrate excellence in floral design to achieve professional certification and accredited member status.


Members of the Institute will work to maintain positive relationships with other segments of the industry, to promote lawful business practices, and to increase product knowledge through education and collaboration.


Members of the Institute will give assistance, supervision and encouragement to novices wishing to acquire knowledge of the functions, duties and responsibilities of a professional designer.


Members of the Institute will produce and complete, with integrity, value, and creativity, their highest quality of design.


Members of the Institute will support and promote the development of programs and procedures to stimulate the advancement of creative floral design and professionalism.  Members will nurture the advancement of the Institute’s position as an industry information source, give encouragement to one another to achieve their common goals, and work for the betterment of the profession, the allied professions, students and the public

Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics applies to persons holding or applying to hold the AIFD and/or CFD designations, each referred to herein as a “Certified Professional.”  Certified Professionals ascribe to and agree to be bound by the following Ethical Standards:

  1. A Certified Professional shall not engage in deceptive or fraudulent conduct in the provision of professional services or the operation of a floral design business.
  2. A Certified Professional may not be convicted of, or enter a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a felony.
  3. A Certified Professional shall not, without the express, prior written consent of the Institute and except as specifically permitted by the Institute, use or reproduce, in whole or in part, or aid another in using or reproducing, in any manner or fashion, any certification examination materials (or the contents thereof), certificates, logos, abbreviations, emblems, titles, marks or other documents or property of the Institute.
  4. A Certified Professional shall not, without written authorization to do so, possess, use or have access to any Institute certification examination documents or materials, nor shall a Certified Professional receive any unauthorized assistance prior to or during the conduct of any portion of a certification examination. A Certified Professional shall not divulge to others information gained from his or her certification examination experience.
  5. A Certified Professional shall not make any material misrepresentation of fact during application for certification or re-certification, and shall not fail to disclose any material fact the disclosure of which is necessary to avoid having other statements be misleading. A Certified Professional shall not engage in any act or omission to obtain or assist another in obtaining certification or re- certification by fraud, misrepresentation or deception.
  6. A Certified Professional having personal knowledge and evidence of a violation of any Ethical Standard by another Certified Professional may report such violation by filing a written complaint with the Institute. Any such complaint shall include specific detail and documentation regarding the identity of the person(s) involved in the alleged ethical violation. The identity of the complainant must be disclosed.
  7. A Certified Professional shall not, knowingly, falsely accuse another Certified Professional of violating these Ethical Standards.
  8. A Certified Professional shall cooperate with, and shall not obstruct, the Institute in connection with any investigation or hearing under these Ethical Standards.

Ethics Complaint Procedure and Documents

All AIFD® members and Certified Floral Designers agree to the Code of Ethics and Membership Oath of Professional Practice as outlined above. Our members agree to abide by the highest ethical standards, professionally. However, in the instance that you feel an AIFD® member may have committed an unethical business action you may submit an Ethics Complaint for an objective review. Please review the Institute’s Ethics Complaint Procedure.

A complaint of professional misconduct by a Certified Professional must be in writing, accompanied by substantiating documentary evidence, and submitted in writing to the Ethical Standards Committee.  A complaint may only be submitted once and may not be re-filed.  A complaint may only be submitted by a Certified Professional.  The complaint must involve conduct which occurred within six (6) months of the date of the complaint.  The complaint must include a detailed description of the nature of the alleged professional misconduct, as well as all pertinent facts and circumstances.  The proceedings as a whole shall be treated confidentially, except to the extent required to complete the investigation, and except as provided herein in the event that certain disciplinary sanctions are imposed by the Board of Directors.

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