President’s Message

Gather Committee:

We are working hard to meet everybody in Birmingham, AL this month.

We have a fun educational weekend planned: Hands on Workshop with Jeanne Ha AIFD, our traditional Student Competition, Leadership Sessions with Ursula Gunther CFD, EMC, Lucinda Peltier AIFD and Jody McLeod AIFD. Main stage presenters will be: Martha Whitney Butler CFD, Samantha Bates AIFD and Michael Smith AIFD, FDI, FSMD.

On Saturday evening, we are thrilled to be visiting the PropHouse Birmingham, with our host Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI. At the prophouse, we will get a behind the scenes look at the endless possibilities of what it is like to set up a venue.

See you at Gather, register today!

Feb 24-26, 2023

Davis Wholesale in Birmingham, AL

In this link you can find the hotel and registration information, plus the full program:


Mentorship Committee:

Our PFDE Mentoring committee is planning to start a new round of mentoring in April, the intention is to cater it to people who are planning to test in Chicago. The mentorship program provides an assignment each month to complete a piece that they might find is required at PFDE. The mentees make the piece, photograph it from several angles with specific background. The photos are then posted on a private Facebook page. We do not comment on the Facebook page but save our discussion for the zoom meeting.

On a specified date we zoom with mentors, trying to keep each group four mentees to three mentors. At that time we ask them to defend their piece in terms of principles and elements, and then provide constructive feedback. We utilize the scoring sheets and try to keep our comments in line with the scoring criteria.

That said, we try to provide guidance and encouragement and if the mentees want to remake their piece, we’ll review it. We also ask each person if they have any questions about what they’re told by the mentors to avoid confusion.

People interested can reach to Sue Bain

Jody McLeod AIFD
President Southern Chapter 2022-2023



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