President’s Message

Here are a few things we have been up to….at SWAIFD and a few up and coming events…

Aug. 10, SWAIFD sponsored a table at Arizona State Floral Expo.

Sept 2-3 we held an event called Cali Flowers and Petal for Patriot presented by Southwest AIFD. There were three hands-on workshops: Flower crowns by Sam Prom-Chiem, Hand-tied bouquets by Sandy Villa and Neotropical by Asa Ige.

After the workshops both days, all participants were invited to arrange for Petals for Patriots. They were delivered to local veterans on Friday and Saturday.

The flowers were donated from CalFlowers and Greenpoint. Hard goods donated from Floral Supply Syndicate. Lunch and refreshments were catered by Leslie O’Dell.

After the Petals for Patriots portion, we hosted a Design Show, emceed by Rene van Rems. Sandy Villa did a presentation on Sympathy floral work, Noel Tribbey did a program inspired by the landscape of California; desert, ranchero, mountains and ocean. Then, Asa Ige, of Asa Flowers in Maui, presented fabulous Neotropical designs.
All were really fantastic and inspirational.

September 18th we showed our support to 4 AIFD Designers in their quest to win the Arizona’s All Star Customer Appreciation Event hosted by Arizona Family Florist and judged by Arizona State Floral Association. The winner was Bri Schindler AIFD.

Up and coming Events for 2023

  1. Grower Series with Alexandra Farm March 2023
  2. SWAIFD in person meeting April 15, 2023
  3. DIY Weddings (AIFD style) event on April 16, 2023
  4. AIFD Prep Test Workshop June 4, 2023

Hawaii Farm to table with Floralogy Jan 2024

Sam Prom-Chiem AIFD, CFD
2022-2023 SW AIFD Chapter President

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