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What a wonderful time of year it is, and one of my favorite times for being a florist. The leaves have changed, and the wonderful colors of fall have blown into season as winter quickly approaches. It’s a fun time to set up store displays, and the colors and textures are so very rich and inviting. In our region last month Kat Castagnoli AIFD and Dawn Mones AIFD, featured their interpretations of Pop Art floral Designs in the LA County Fair, while Marie Gregory AIFD and Jan Wilder AIFD did floral demonstrations on stage. It was a great representation of professional AIFD artistry for the general public to observe and participate in. Currently, your South West board is busy planning our spring events. Look for more information to come on a fantastic wedding program to be held in Vegas on March 10, 2019 with a design contest and show hosted by Kenneth Snauwaert AIFD and Susan Bean AIFD. If you missed the program last year, you won’t want to miss this one! We’re also finalizing the perfect spot to host an April education program for you in Salt Lake City, Utah presented by our own Shelly Huynh AIFD. This promises to be unlike other programs in the Salt Lake area, so watch for more information to come in January. If you were not able to attend any of our Meet the Growers Series hosted by Yoshi O’Connor AIFD last year in California, have no fear, she is busy setting up new programs as we speak. These were outstanding tours of local farms where you meet, make and take something direct from a local farm. This is a must do for your social calendar so bring a friend and visit some local places with us. Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in participating on any of our committees or have an interest in serving on the South West Board of directors. We are always looking for committed individuals who want to participate and want a place to plug in. We always have room for you and want to hear your voice with any questions. We’re excited and honored to be serving you and look forward to an educational and “funtastic” year!

Shonda Cunningham AIFD, CFD

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