President’s Message

Wow what a great year! As President, my goal was to have more events, and that we did! My goal was to reach out to more designers in our region and even more who are interested in the region, and it makes me so happy to know we did it! The region this past year had the opportunity to have not only do one design show in California, but we where able to reach out into Arizona & Vegas. In addition, thanks to Yoshi O’Connor AIFD, we started a new “Meet the Grower” series and our first one was a wonderful success at Resendiz Protea Farm in Fallbrook, CA. It was a beautiful day learning from a wealth of knowledge.

Thank you, Shonda Cunningham AIFD, Deborah Kenney AIFD, Nicholas St. Clair AIFD and Yoshi O’Connor AIFD for all your planning and preparation up until our shows & workshops! Ikuko Hashimoto AIFD, Julie Reed AIFD, Ania Norwood AIFD, and Shawna Yamamoto, for all your hard work & dedication into teaching your passion & design techniques.Thank you to Fiesta Parade Floats (Jim Hynd AIFD), Mellano & Co, Accent Décor, Smither’s Oasis, Fitz Designs and Askren & Sons, for being so kind and generous to allow us in to feature your products and location, and to all the growers for your donations to make our workshops and program such a huge success.

We have another “Meet the Grower” at Dramm & Echter on June 2nd, and would love to have you attend if you are interested. Thank you to Dramm & Echter as well as Floral Supply Syndicate for their generous donation to make this upcoming event happen.

Thank you to the board of directors for all you did to help these programs and workshops meet our goals. I am also thankful for a couple members who have been my mentors and guides throughout this year. Kenneth Snauwaert AIFD and Susan Bean AIFD, I much appreciate every text, email and phone call, thank you thank you! I’ve always wanted to serve the South West region as president, and what a great opportunity it was.This region really works hard, and I am so proud to be a part of it. As Shonda Cunningham AIFD and the new board of directors takes over the reins I want to wish her and the board my best. I know they will be a great! Thank you South West Region for letting me serve as your regional President.

Katie McCormick, AIFD CFD

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