President’s Message

Well Hello Summer!  You’re right on time in Viva!

Yes, Las Vegas is at 109 degrees already….get prepared for “ROOTS” in the beautiful desert in July!

It’s going to be a Viva Fabulous Time!

This past year has been a learning curve for many floral industry partners, growers, owners, designers, media pioneers, work-a-bees, students, leaders, educators and all in between.  We’ve never experienced a “pandemic” and “post pandemic” time before and a new culture has evolved from these extraordinary times.

In this new “culture” we have been shown how truly resilient we in the floral industry are and how creatively we “pivot” to a new direction. (I know, let’s take the word “pivot” out of our narrative….but, it is a great description of what we can do and had to do!)

The many members of our SWAIFD Chapter are excelling in their careers, businesses, dreams, and goals….. moving past the barriers that tried to block their success during these challenging times.

Our SWAIFD chapter had to postpone many shows, tours, and experiences due to supply chain shortages, illnesses, and life in general.  Those postponements will be realized and come to fruition this coming Fall under our President Elect, Sam Prom Chiem, along with her Officers and Board of Directors 2022-2023.

We are excited for “ROOTS” in Las Vegas and excited for what the next year will bring us!

I am very proud and honored to have served as the President of the chapter during this tumultuous time. The outpouring of support and camaraderie keeps me going.  Thank you to every SWAIFD Officer and Board of Director that served with me.

We’ll see you at ROOTS Viva Las Vegas!!!!!!!!

Peace, flowers, and chocolate,

Connie Jo (CJ)

Connie Jo Harris AIFD, CFD
2021-2022 SW AIFD Chapter President

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