President’s Message

Greetings from the South West Regional Chapter!

I would like to introduce to everyone our 2020-2021 Officers and Directors:

Susan Bean-President, Connie Jo Harris-President Elect, Kat Castagnoli-Vice President, Deborah Kenny-Secretary, Nicholas St. Clair-Treasurer, Shonda Cunningham-Past President, Shelly Huynh-Lewis, Marie Gregory, Dawn Mones, Peggie Lipps, Sam Prom-Chiem, Pam Null, Yoshi O’Connor and Anna Day-Directors. We all look forward to serving our SW Chapter in this coming year.

This Year 2020-2021 is an especially important time for our Chapter and has an urgent task to fulfill. The South West Regional chapter is the only AIFD chapter that does not have their AIFD Foundation Fund endowed which means our chapter does not have representation on the Foundation nor are we able to give scholarships or grants from our SW region. If we do not fully fund or endow our chapter fund by June 2021, then we will lose all previous monies and must start over again. So, with that being said, it will be our goal to FULLY ENDOW our South West Regional Chapter Fund and we will need your help. More information will be forth coming soon on how we will accomplish this goal.

The South West Regional chapter has always been an exciting, innovative group of people. Our presence on social media has been educational, informative, and fun. Looking back at memories, our  chapter history is rich and full of leadership. If I calculated it correctly, we have had 11 past National Presidents from our region (more if we counted all of CA), 18 Life Members and 9 Fellows. That is fabulous leadership and dedication to AIFD. Let’s keep the momentum going for 2020-2021.

“Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower” -Shigenori Kameoka

Susan Bean AIFD, CFD
2020-2021 SW AIFD Chapter President

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