President’s Message

Greetings South Central Region,

I would like to begin with my deepest condolences to family and friends for the loss of one of South Central’s most cherished members, Marie Ackerman AIFD, CFD, PFCI. Marie has left us with a legacy that will be hard to beat. Her drive, determination and love for South Central and AIFD® will be truly missed. She raised us up as a region to where we are today and we owe it to her to sustain the growth, education and status that she brought us to.

The South Central Region Board of director’s voted unanimously for and is proud to have initiated the Marie Ackerman AIFD Fund through AIFD Foundation. Let’s honor her now and for many years to come through this fund. To make a donation in her honor please visit and select the Marie Ackerman Fund.

As I sit in Houston, Texas in the coldest weather in decades (11*), I can only feel for all of the people who are not as fortunate as myself to have electricity, warmth and food as this continues to be the craziest 12 months I have encountered in my 54 years on this earth. We have had not one but two Symposiums cancelled due to COVID-19 and it is with sadness and relief that it had to happen. AIFD® must put the safety and well being of our members first and foremost and find new and intriguing ways to communicate and educate our members. I truly miss the interaction with my AIFD® friends and colleagues and hope to see you all soon but please take care of your health and self to ensure we can celebrate each other when this is all over.

I want to remind everyone that the South Central Region has a fund available for members who need help called the Sunshine fund. It is only enough for 1 person and it goes towards approximately ½ of their yearly dues. This is my second time mentioning this and no-one has inquired about it as of yet. It’s available yearly and if not funded does not go toward the next year’s budget, so please, someone, send me an inquiry so that we can use that fund and help at least one of our members continue to keep their AIFD® Credentials through this troubling time.

South Central has launched a virtual fundraiser that I’m sure everyone will enjoy. It was brought to us by the fundraising chair Alan Masters AIFD and I think everyone should be able to find something that they would like to purchase from the catalogue that consists of all South Central region products. Items are selling fast shop today!!

We as a board continue to try to find ways to keep connected with our members, Our Social Media committee is doing an amazing job and I ask you to please share, comment on, and  like their posts. Let’s have fun sharing at least our designs and ways we are passing the time in the Days of Covid-19. If you are not connected yet you can find the AIFD® South Central Region on Facebook and Instagram.

Nicola Parker AIFD, CFD, TMFA
South Central Regional President 2020-2021


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