President’s Message

Hello South Central,

It’s a pleasure and honor to be President of the South Central Region of AIFD. Thank you for entrusting me with this seat and please believe I will do everything in my power to fulfill my commitment and do what is right for our region in every move and decision I make. I never even dreamed that I would hold this position.

When I started as a driver at Compton’s florist in 2000 I was only hoping to survive. I chose to educate myself and learn all that I could from the people that surrounded me. I found out I was pretty good at sales, which was a good thing since I am directionally challenged when it came to driving, and eventually learned I was pretty good at design. I loved every minute of it but it took years of hard work and a lot of faith.

I had to learn from the back room of conventions, cleaning hundred of pallets of flowers to helping designers behind the stage. I learned from some of the best in the industry, but it wasn’t just the education classes. It was also about the care of flowers, sterilization of buckets, and cost of goods with satisfied repeat clientele and bottom line profits being key elements of a businesses recipe for success. Every single element is relevant so even though I was able to attend classes from the masters, some of the best things I learned were how to care for flowers.

Even though I have never personally owned a shop, I pride myself in the fact that the owners of the companies that I have been employed with trust me to care for their business in the same way that they would. You don’t have to own a company to love it. If you work hard, you will make a difference in the industry, and if you are going to design and represent your company you owe it to them to be the best that you can be.

The South Central Region and AIFD Foundation affords many opportunities to educate current and future members with Scholarships and Grants from CFD certification to attending Symposium, including the Morley-Haines Grant to help with expenses of bringing a AIFD quality program to your area.

With our country currently in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic we are turning to innovative ways to move forward and educate our members from afar. We are entering into new ways of doing business with Zoom video meetings conference calls and finding ways to keep our membership involved and interested at home while bringing quality education to them without leaving their safety of their homes. Our industry has had many disappointments, from the Spring Design Program being cancelled, to Symposium being cancelled. To say the least 2020 is unprecedented but I know in my heart that we will succeed and find innovative ways to get our goals met and exceeded.

Please see links below for South Central Region pages on Instagram and Facebook and a link to the Foundation Scholarship opportunities.


Nicola Parker AIFD, CFD, TMFA
South Central Regional President 2020-2021


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