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There are so many ways to market ourselves and our businesses that it may be overwhelming. The internet has opened up so many avenues and it is so important for us, as floral designers and shop owners, to take the time to market ourselves properly. If we don’t, we will be overlooked and lost in the cyber abyss.

Keeping your name and product out there through social networking is quick and effective. With a Facebook page, Twitter, or Blogspot post, the world of cyber space can be your oyster. Post pictures of the wedding you just finished, or the anniversary arrangement Mr. Smith just sent his wife. Of course the more friends you have on Facebook the better. Invite your customers, friends and family to all be a part. Link them to the places you want them to visit, such as your website. Let them know what you’ve been up to.

However, you must remember to be careful not to over post, you don’t want your followers to say, “OMG, not another one.” The goal is to get them anxious to see your next post, to anticipate all of your posts. The best way to achieve this is to post your best work, make exciting comments and show your capabilities and range. Be creative and concise when you describe the event or arrangement, and include a personal message to the client whose arrangement or event you’ve posted.

Another idea is to create a Blogspot. It’s free and it’s a great place to invite conversation and feedback on your work. Be open to what your customers have to say. This is another great way to find out what your customers like to send and receive. Again, this is a place to post your best work designed in a wide range of styles, giving a little something for everyone to enjoy.

While your busy with social networking, never discount the old fashioned ways of networking. Get involved in local organizations, drop off an arrangement at the local bank, or coffee shop. Investigate where the clientele you want to reach are shopping, eating or just hanging out, and make sure your presence is known. Don’t forget the power of the words. Word of mouth is and will always be a fabulous marketing tool.
Karen Farmer AIFD

It is very imperative after cutting stems to immediately dip them in the solution QUICK DIP. This will encourage the pores of the stem to open and drink, insuring a longer life and a fuller, more beautiful blossom.
David Powers AIFD

When designing with tall blooming branches, curly willow, or any hard stemmed product, in a tall clear vase, try placing the leaves on the outside instead of placing them on the inside of the vase to cover the stems. Carefully de-vein the leaves to make them more pliable and flatter, wrap around the vase and secure with some decorative wire or bind wire, depending on the look you want to achieve. This can make life easier because you are not fighting with the leaf on the inside, and, the overall result is much cleaner.

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