President’s Message

Hello North East floral friends!

Here we are, this winter is almost over, with its disrespectful temperatures and short days! I, for one, can’t wait until spring springs!

This winter brought some heartwarming moments through our regional gift exchange over the holidays. Thank you, Renee, for organizing the matches! There were several dozen people who participated, and I for one, was so excited to receive my package.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Palm Weaving workshop with Ron Mulray on April 3rd 2022. It is an unbeweavable skill to learn so don’t miss out. Register for your spot here:

The Philadelphia Flower Show is fast approaching, and we can always use more help to put together a successful exhibit. While details have not been released on the exhibit theme yet, there is much excitement and anticipation building! Start putting on your volunteer hat and reach out if you have the time to give during the second week of June in Philadelphia. Email Chairperson Shannon Toal AIFD at for more information and to volunteer.

Our incoming President, Shannon Toal AIFD, is planning a virtual design program this spring so stay tuned for more details.

Last but not least….

How exciting is it that Symposium 2022 is coming so soon!!!

I can’t wait to experience ROOTS!!!

Before we know it, we will all be together at Symposium and finally getting in real, in-person, love and hugs.

For those in our region hoping to test this year, there will be a practice for the PFDE exam later in the spring. If you are interested in more information, please send an email to

This is a great opportunity to practice and get acquainted with the process. It truly does help work out some of the nerves and polish up before Vegas!

Darcie Garcia AIFD, CFD
North East Chapter President 2021 – 2022

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