AIFD Industry Partners

Related floral industry professionals such as manufacturers, shippers, wire services, wholesalers and growers can join our impressive list of Industry Partner and Regional Partner members of AIFD®.

Many of these companies share the same goals as active AIFD® members, which are to increase awareness of the importance of design education, develop innovative new products and services and raise the level of professionalism in the floral industry.

Partner Membership also promotes the awareness of your company through a partnership with our members. The conventions, programs and newsletters introduce your company to all the right people. Learn more about the benefits of Industry Partner Membership, the benefits of Regional Partner Membership or register to become an AIFD® Industry Partner now!

Industry Partners Committee:

  • Chairperson: William Hattel AIFD, CFD
  • Vice-Chair: Sheri Jentsch AIFD, CFD, TMF
    • 2021: Brent Leech AIFD, CFD, Mark Pellon AIFD CFD, Gerry Toh AIFD, CFD, CCF, Ashley Brant CFD, Brian Coovert AIFD, CFD
    • 2022: David Elder AIFD, CFD, Brian Cowart AIFD, CFD, Scott Ellingboe AIFD, CFD, Winnie Leenarts AIFD, CFD, Robyn Arnold AIFD, CFD
  • Board Liaison: Brent Leech AIFD, CFD

AIFD Regional Partners

Incorporated into AIFD’s Industry Partner program, Regional Partner membership offers suppliers such as local wholesalers, regional sales representatives and local distributors marketing benefits without having to pay the same level of dues as a large national supplier.

Regional partners have the ability to participate in the Industry Partners exhibit at AIFD’s National Symposium when the Symposium is being held in the respective geographic region of the partner. The partner may only participate in an event in conjunction with the AIFD® National Symposium when the program takes place in the Partner’s respective region.

Additionally, the fee to participate in the appropriate Symposium event will be $100 greater than requested from national AIFD® Industry Partners.

Become an AIFD Industry Partner Now!

Demonstrate your support for the ideals of the American Institute of Floral Designers by becoming an AIFD® Industry Partner member. The annual membership investment fee is $500 (membership year runs July through June).

Membership Directory
Partner Members are listed in and receive a copy of AIFD’s annual membership roster, a photo and address directory of all accredited AIFD® members and registered candidates.

Newsletter Subscription
Partner Membership includes a subscription to Focal Points, the official newsletter of AIFD®. New Partner Members are often profiled in the newsletter and established companies can send press release to the newsletter editor for publication.

Symposium Participation
Partner Membership allows your company to participate in the new products display at the annual AIFD® National Symposium at a reduced rate! Partner Membership also allows company representative to attend regional and national symposia at the reduced AIFD® membership rate.

Membership Certificate and use of Logo
Each Partner Member receives a handsome membership certificate. This certificate can be displayed at your place of business and has 10 spaces for gold renewal stickers (one is sent each year upon renewal). There is also a special Partner logo that can be used on your company’s stationary or shipping boxes.

Educational Funding
Fifty dollars of each year’s annual membership investment directly supports the AIFD® Foundation, a scholarship program that awards funds to deserving students pursuing a career in the floral industry.

Your company may also choose to participate in funding and Artist-in-Residence or Guest Artist program at one of the AIFD Student Chapter colleges. These important programs put AIFD® members into the academic world.

Mailing Lists
Exclusively for our Partner Members, we make available (for a nominal fee) mailing lists of accredited AIFD® members and member companies. These can be attained from AIFD® Headquarters in Baltimore, and used to send your company’s product catalogs, product samples or literature to AIFD® members.

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List of AIFD Industry Partners

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