President’s Message


Happy Summer everyone!

Summer brings the excitement of a season of educaiton. It’s the time retailers take stock of what worked and what didn’t for previous seasonal events and tweak their plans for a variety of daily and seasonal sales going forward. We embrace the traditional wedding season, and especially this year, as we provide beauty for an unusually large amount of events now being held again. The volume has doubled to take in two year’s of missed occasions.

The season also brings our organiztion’s biggest event, the National Symposium. With the absence of our beloved event due to the pandemic, this year’s symposium holds great excitement and possilbities with a key line-up of educational designers and unforgettable comraderie among attendees. Something we have all dearly missed during Covid-19.

Our annual North Central Chapter during symposium also brings the opportunity for us to be together in -person, sharing laughs and spontaneous conversation. It is also a time to say thank you to those of you keeping the pieces together during these most unsual time. The Exeuctive Board and Directors, Newsletter editor, Social media chairperson, Scholarship chair, Foundation Representative, Partners assistants and countless volunteers in smaller regional groups, have all kept us together and moving forward. We need everyone to stay vital.

Join us in Las Vegas, NV, and get back to our ROOTS. Education is the key. Scholarships for education are the drivers for our fundraisers and awarness programs  promote the beautiful profession we have chosen.

Carpe diem. See you soon!

Pat Diehl Scace, AIFD, BLA, AAF
North Central AIFD President 2021 – 2022



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