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2020… A new year, a new decade!! As I prepared for this article, I researched the top three challenges for business in 2020. They were: Data Protection, Staying Innovative and Automation of Jobs. I know I do my best to keep data secure, and hire out what I can’t do.  I honestly don’t think a robot will take my job designing or running my business any time soon. Now, what about that Staying Innovative one? Do you think you’re safe?

I’ve noticed quite a few, sometimes snappy, threads on the many Facebook groups regarding staying relevant as shop owners, designers and just within the industry in general. So, again I ask – What are you doing to be innovative? Some suggestions were to encourage Building Rapport, Providing Incentives, and Encourage Team Projects, just to name a few.

Even if you only select two things to focus on, perhaps Building Rapport and Encouraging Team Projects- I guarantee you’ll feel successful doing just one thing, attend Symposium. Yes, planning to attend this one event will check off three things on that list. The incentive is the one free general admission trip that will be given to one lucky North Central member, who attends the mid-year meeting in Michigan. The Building Rapport gets checked off the list when you take the time to chat with members old and new, and ask how they’re doing and what plans they have for the new year. Introduce yourself to the industry partners who help make the mid-year meeting a success with the donations of their beautiful floral products. Strike up a conversation and ask them what’s new for them in 2020? See how easy this is?

Now what about that Team Project? Well, that’s the easiest one. Our North Central Chapter is hosting Symposium in 2020. I encourage every member to really be a team player and jump on the many projects needing designers and assistance. No act of help- from a couple of hours to most of the weeprk, will be under appreciated. We need you to pick a team and be a part of that project. When you show up and help, the load is lighter for everyone, the project gets completed sooner and again, you’ll make new flower friends and memories…and have some great pics for Facebook.

Wishing everyone an adventurous, educational and most of all, successful New Year. See you in Chicago!

Carolyn Minutillo AIFD EMC PFCI
North Central AIFD President 2019 – 2020



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