President’s Message

Preparing for Success.

With one big holiday under our belts for 2020, how are your 2020 plans coming along? Was the big holiday as big as you hoped? If so, what contributed to that? Were you better prepared? Did more new people find you and your fabulous floral services?

If so, High Five to You!

If you want to gain more ideas for continuing your personal and professional growth, plan to attend our Mid-Year Meeting in Michigan. You’ll learn from some great presenters, gain knowledge from not only the stage presentations, but the hands-on workshops as well.

Some of our Chapter members will be creating Floral Art at the Philly Flower and Garden Show as well as participating in the Art in Bloom event in Columbus, OH. We’ll also have some members at the Indianapolis and Chicago Flower and Garden shows. We are a busy bunch!

How do the members make these events happen on their calendars? They block the time, have a plan, and make it happen. Is it always easy?…no…but, they’re preparing for Success.

As we enter into ‘Symposium Season’, we have CFD members preparing themselves for even more Success as hopeful AIFD accredited members. Please join me in supporting them along their journey. Reach out to them on Facebook, offer words of encouragement. Send a message and see if there’s anything you can do to help them prepare and help them succeed. Sometimes  knowing just one person is really there for you, gently guiding and offering words of encouragement, can be the little thing that helps to calm your nerves. Perhaps, reflecting on a conversation, can offer just the technique you remembered you forgot and it’s just the unique little ‘something’ that pushes your design into the ‘I passed!’ zone. Are you ready to help someone Succeed? Are you ready to Succeed? Let’s have a great Spring Season and share our Success in July.

Carolyn Minutillo AIFD, CFD, EMC, PFCI
North Central AIFD President 2019 – 2020



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