President’s Message

Hi and Hello from the Northwest Region,

Fall is upon us and it feels like a fresh new breath of crisp air! The NW Chapter held our virtual installation of officers on July 20th, along with new board members, retiring board members, and special guests from the National board and symposium team.

I, Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner AIFD was installed as the new President of the Northwest Region. I am so honored and excited to become the NW president this year and I promise to lead in kindness, joy, fairness, diligence, and compassion. As many of you know this is not my first rodeo. My first presidential journey began 5 years ago right here in the Norwest. In these past few years, I have been so blessed to witness and to watch our NW members step into new leadership roles, and the pride and joy I feel to have watched my seedlings bloom and grow is the greatest gift I could have ever received.

Our Montana state floral association is all a buzz with excitement for their annual convention coming this October 1st-3rd 2021 in Great Falls, MT, so save the date for a Bee-Utiful time to come together to Bee Positive, Bee Creative, and Bee Kind this fall! We are so absolutely thrilled that one of our past NW Board members is the current MT State Assoc. President. We know that Lindsey Peterson AIFD and her team will do great things!

One of the featured presenters will be our Past NW president Erik Whitcraft AIFD, assisted by current NW President Elect Frank Blanchard AIFD and fellow NW Member Dawn Newkirk AIFD. Together they will also host an awareness booth for the NW Region in hopes to gain more buzz and excitement for Symposium 2022 Roots! I am so overjoyed that this fabulous group of NW folks is able to gather and share vital floral design education again! I know they will be very busy bees soon so keep a watch out for some fun recaps coming!

Past National President and NW member Kim Oldis AIFD, along with current NW treasure Shamay Andrich AIFD, were invited to have an AIFD® awareness booth in August with the WA state convention of Agriculture teachers. The endeavor was successful in creating this new relationship with WA Ag. Teachers and we look forward to returning next year with even more flower fun and education.

Speaking of next year. We are so excited that the national team was able to announce and release the exciting news of Symposium 2022 ROOTS! We congratulate and commend our NW members Hitomi Gilliam AIFD as Program Director, and NW Board member Aniko Kovacs AIFD as program co chair with Ania Norwood AIFD. And, of course commendations to Ann Jordan AIFD as symposium coordinator. I know these fab 4 are going to create some memorable magic for us all!

Our NW region is in the works to unveil some new NW logo gear hopefully before the holiday season as a fundraiser for the chapter, as well as the kick start to our Benevolence in Bloom scholarship fund to NW members in need due to various hardships.

Another fundraising opportunity is in the works for January as an online virtual design contest with the theme of Foraged and Found, so get ready to get your hiking boots on and see what you can gather in the great wide open this new year.

In the spring we are hoping to host some floral design education, a mock test/design competition, and tulip factory tours. In April, it will be Tulip time here in the Skagit valley of WA.

I and the NW members invite you all to our quarterly “Fun With Flower Family” night to be held in virtual format on 10/27 at 6:00 pacific time. This happy hour will be fun and informal with a game or two plus some door prizes for the best Halloween dressed, with flowers to wear present of course! Stay tuned for the virtual invite link on our social media pages.

For more info or to check out what’s up in the Northwest check out our NW website, our Facebook pages or Instagram social media, and our new newsletter links and mail chimp e-mails. In my presidential address to the NW region, I asked my extended NW flower family to remember something;

“In this valley of changing seasons and a swiftly changing world, I would like you to remember something. Our region is wide and vast, and all though our membership may be small, we are still so very mighty, for we are the NW AIFD Flower family! We are the fluid rivers, the sturdy trees, and the unshakable mountains”

May this year ahead find us all in a valley amongst the wildflowers of hope, joy and connection again!

With much love and well wishes for happy healthy days ahead,

Sharrai Morgan-Faulker AIFD, PFCI
NW Chapter President 2021-2022


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