President’s Message

My sincere appreciation and thanks to the board for your services, as well as, to the Southern Chapter, for allowing me to serve as your President over the past year. It has been a humbling experience and an honor to lead such a great organization and thank you to all of you who have served before me for your guidance in this endeavor.

Many thanks to Carol Inskeep AIFD, CFD, Tim Lawling AIFD, CFD and Janet Frye AIFD, CFD, for all of your social media efforts to promote Southern Chapter. For all of you who have taken on extra tasks to help put AIFD and the Southern Chapter in the forefront I thank you as well. A special thank you to Carol Dowd AIFD, CFD for all of her efforts with Art In Bloom which was most successful and an event that I support and hope continues for years to come. Thank you to all of the students that took part in our Southern Conference and congratulations to all of them, not only for the competition winners but, for being involved with our organization.

Southern Chapter Conference “Botanical Bliss” was a wonderful success thanks to the hard work of Kevin Hinton AIFD, CFD, and Mandy Majerick AIFD, CFD, PFCI. Attendance was low but the conference was most enjoyable and educational. My sincere thanks to Kevin Coble AIFD, CFD for the beautiful room he designed for my president’s dinner, as always his work was over the top.

We have 10 new inductees from the southern region and I congratulate them and wish them continued success in their careers.

Southern Conference 2016 will be held in Louisville, Ky. and this will be our last scheduled conference for the Southern Chapter, so please watch for information to attend and sign up to help make is a success.

I thank you again for all of your support, efforts and encouragement and I know that your new President Robyn Arnold AIFD, CFD will serve the position well and continue to lead the southern chapter to greater things for the future.

Russ Barley AIFD, CFD, AAF, FSMD


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