Students Amaze Symposium Attendees at AIFD Student Design Competition

Several floral design students made their mark at AIFD’s 2017 Student Floral Design Competition that was held as part of AIFD’s 2017 National Symposium “X” in Seattle, Wash. July 1 – 5. A full listing of all winners is posted below.

2017 AIFD Student Design Winners

1st – Terri Tae Hwa Kang
2nd – Tracey Duncan
3rd – Jiseon (Jessie) Yun, Alexsis Longden – Tie

1st – Dawn Mones
2nd – Youbin Kim
3rd – Junghwa Han

1st – Jiseon (Jessie) Yun
2nd – Terri Tae Hwa Kang
3rd – Judd Hatler, Gina Wright – Tie

Fashion Flowers
1st – Armando de Loera Mejia
2nd – Dawn Mones
3rd – Junghwa Han

People’s Choice: Junghwa Han
Overall School: City College of San Francisco
Overall Student Highest Score: Dawn Mones

Student AIFD (SAIFD) maintains chapters at 15 colleges and universities throughout the United States and Canada. SAIFD Chapters not only compete in the Annual Student Design Competition during AIFD’s National Symposium but also host Artist in Residence Programs throughout the year. Chapter members also receive sponsorships to attend the National Symposium from AIFD members and Industry Partners through the AIFD Foundation.

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