January 12, 2021
Dear AIFD® Members and Friends:
We hope that with this new year our beloved floral industry will witness new inspiration and that we can soon return to a routine that brings us all back to our families and friends. With so many passionate artists, our industry can surely rebound from this past year of extreme challenges.
The AIFD® leadership has been working hard behind the scenes meeting regularly to explore the opportunities for floral design education in 2021. As you know, the Institute had planned to offer an exciting Symposium, “D.N.A. – Design, Nature, Art,” in Chicago this July 1-6.
After weighing all considerations and facts as we know them today, including member feedback, safety guidelines and regulations on a National, State and City level, and the legalities and complexities associated with large events during a pandemic, the AIFD® National Board has decided that the most appropriate decision at this time is to cancel the 2021 National Symposium in Chicago.
This is, of course, a devastating and very hard decision to have to make after not seeing our floral family in 2020. Your National Leadership and Team “D.N.A.” volunteers have worked so hard over the last year to pivot from one situation to the next, moving from hotels, trying to plan for different sized in-person events, and more. But, the membership spoke, and the majority of members voiced concern for their safety at an in-person event this July. It is our duty to be sure you are safe, first and foremost, and we appreciate your honest feedback in this regard.
2020 Inductees, we do still plan to have you walk the stage in style and celebration in 2022. Elite Partners will be contacted directly to discuss alternative options in the coming weeks. Membership and Leadership Meetings will take place virtually as they did in 2020.
It brings us hope to share that there are several educational opportunities being explored to bring the joy of flowers and education to the membership at a level for which AIFD® is known. We also hope to be able to host a PFDE® later this fall, if regulations allow and if it can be done safely. All appropriate options are being explored as your leadership team meets on a nearly weekly basis to discuss and explore, and we want you to know that we take very seriously not just your safety, but the importance of bringing you floral design education and inspiration.
As we have more details, we will share them. Until then, please mark your calendars for the 2022 Symposium in Las Vegas, July 4-9. We have very exciting details to share about this event including an incredible new venue, a forward-thinking theme, and a mind-blowing line-up. Stay tuned! And stay healthy, safe, and inspired. We thank the whole industry for the support that has been shown to us and we are here to support others in the industry.
AIFD® National Board of Directors

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