AIFD® Announces 2016 PFDE Results

All of the 114 candidates that were evaluated as part of AIFD’s Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE) program were successful in their bid to become a Certified Floral Designer (CFD®) as bestowed by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD®), it was announced by Anthony Vigliotta AIFD, CFD, president of the Institute.

The candidates participated in AIFD’s rigorous PFDE session held July 1, immediately prior to the AIFD® National Symposium “Inspiration” in Orange County, Calif. Earning the internationally recognized CFD® certification is the first step of the PFDE; the ultimate goal is to become an Accredited Member of AIFD®.

Of the 114 professionals, 29 designers earned their CFD credentials in Orange County and eight designers maintained their CFD credentials. Seventy seven professionals created artistic designs that were so excellent in presentation that they have been invited to become a member of AIFD and they will be inducted during ceremonies at the 2017 AIFD® National Symposium “Symposium X” taking place in Seattle, Wash., July 1-5.

During a PFDE, candidates must create five designs in four hours – product and categories are not announced until the PFDE begins. Designs are then evaluated based on ten points of professional floral design including mechanics, balance, color, theme, line, creativity and mechanics.

Prior to participating in the design portion of the PFDE, candidates must complete certain education requirements (pathway no longer needed) and successfully complete an online test to evaluate their fundamental understanding of design.

To maintain their professional designation, CFD’s must accumulate and submit a minimum of 25 hours of floral design continuing education every three years.



New CFD designers include:

*Invited to become an Accredited Member of AIFD

Abigail Allen CFD
Alpine, CA

Shamay Andrich CFD
Flowers by Shamay
Anacortes, WA

Danelle Ariaz CFD
Manteca, CA

David Arrieta CFD*
Amaranto Boutique Floral
Alajuela, Costa Rica

Brad Austin CFD*
Brad Austin Imaginative Florals Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

Hyochan Baek CFD
Daeheung Pot Shops
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Lisa Belisle CFD*
Flora Elements
Chicago, IL

Brenda Blackburn CFD*
Doris’ Flowers & Gifts
Columbia, TN

Jonna S. Blakesley CFD
Gillette, WY

Frank Blanchard CFD*
La Vie Flowers/Flowers Wachougal
Washougal, WA

Scott Brents CFD
Fairy Tale Floral
North Little Rock, AR

Shawn Brown CFD
Jackie & Daughter
Kutztown, PA

Annie Buran CFD
Carlsbad, CA

Alvina Burggraff CFD*
Sturgis, SD

Cecilia Carreño Jones CFD*
Lompoc, CA

Christina Cheng CFD
Vancouver, Canada

Chung Yearn Cho CFD*
The Westin Chosun
Busan, South Korea

Su Ja Choi CFD*
Forget me not floral design
Richmond, Canada

Monica Alejandra Chumacero Salcedo CFD*
Monica Chumacero Flower Design
Jalisco, Mexico

Caroline Crabb CFD*
Cornwall, United Kingdom

Lesleighan Cravens CFD
Ashland, MO

Kathryn Delve CFD*
Academy of Floral Art
North Somerset, United Kingdom

Michael David Elder CFD*
Pacolet, SC

Trish Fjeldsted CFD*
The Bloom Box
Manitoba, Canada

Pilar Gonzalez CFD
Hallandale Beach, FL

Beatriz González CFD
Monterrey, Mexico

Diane Graham CFD
Los Gatos, CA

Mallory Green CFD*
San Diego, CA

Mandie Grunewald CFD, CCF*
Paradise, CA

Doris Hargrove CFD*
Doris’ Flowers & Gifts
Columbia, TN

Michelle Headrick CFD*
Image Floral & Event Design
Vancouver, WA

Yoo Kyeung Heo CFD*
Seoul, South Korea

Joy Hill CFD*
Mylords Floral
Anchorage, AK

Youngmi Hong CFD
Flora Couture, LLC
Grosse Pt. Farms

I Li Hsiao CFD
Chicago, IL

Aki Ishiguro CFD*
Mocca Floral Expression
Plano, TX

Ju Yeon Jang CFD*
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Yunhee Jang CFD*
Seoul, South Korea

Luis Carlos Jáquez Lujár CFD*
Chihuahua, Mexico

Sheri Jentsch CFD*
Blumen Meisters Flower Market
New Braunfels, TX

Jeongeun Jeong CFD*
Seoul, South Korea

Donald Johnson CFD*
Hendersonville, TN

Kathleen Jones CFD*
Spring Creek Designs LLC
Gillette, WY

Hee Joo CFD*
Redwood City, CA

  Young Kyung Ju CFD
Incheon, South Korea

Elizabeth Kim CFD
Flowers of the World
Brooklyn, NY

Gayoung Kim CFD*
Incheon, South Korea

Heewon Kim CFD
La Rose
Seoul, South Korea

Kyung Yun Kim CFD*
San Francisco, CA

Nayoung Kim CFD
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Nayun Kim CFD
Gwanak-gu, South Korea

Wendy Lee Kissack CFD*
In2UFlowers and Gifts
Moorecroft, WY

Sao Leng Lam CFD*
Pui Wa Floral Design School

Mi Gyu Lee CFD*
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Saebom Lee CFD*
Bourgeon Flower
Seoul, South Korea

Youn Sook Lee CFD*
Los Angeles, CA

Jessica Leopold CFD*
St. Paul, MN

Fiona Li CFD*
San Bruno, CA

Seo Yeon Lim CFD
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Pilar Mejía Sánchez CFD
Toluca, Mexico

Laura Murphy CFD
McKenna Floral
San Clemente, CA

Yoshiko O’Connor CFD*
Floral Fete
Laguna Beach, CA

Jill Oerman CFD
Cerulean Green
Hollister, CA

Hidemi Ono CFD*
Whistler, Canada

Charlene Park CFD*
Cerritos Hills Florist
Cerritos, CA

Hyunjung Park CFD*
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Na Hyun Park CFD*
Nadia Flower
Seoul, South Korea

Sun Ja Park CFD*
Depot des Fleurs
Quebec, Canada

Niloofar Parvas CFD
The Flower Lover
Fountain Valley, CA

Melanie Pentecost CFD*
Siloam Flowers & Gifts, Inc.
Siloam Springs, AR

Amanda Randell CFD*
Green Oak Barn
Devon, United Kingdom

Jonathan D. Reiman CFD*
Twig Floral Designs
Carbondale, IL

Myung Sun Ro CFD*
J’de Floral
Seoul, South Korea

Sherrilyn Roundy CFD*
Pink Floral & Events, LLC
Larkspur, CO

Julia Marie Pualeialii Schmitt CFD*
Busy Bee Florist/Pualeialii Floral Expressions
Maceline, MO

Karen Shain CFD
Mainstreet Flower Market
Parker, CO

Dabin Shin CFD*
J’de Floral
Seoul, South Korea

Hye Mi Sim CFD*
Hye Mi Flower
Seoul, South Korea

Seo-Young Song CFD*
Lena Blossom
Gyeonggi, South Korea

Nicholas St. Clair CFD*
Mission Viejo Florist
Mission Viejo, CA

Melinda Varvarigos CFD*
Wellington Florist
Wellington, FL

América Villalobos CFD*
Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Kiyoko Way CFD*
Irvine, CA

Marc Williams CFD
St. Louis, MO

Eun Seon Won CFD
Incheon, South Korea

Seul Kee Yoo CFD
Busan, South Korea

Young Mi You CFD*
Seo-Yun Flower
Seoul, South Korea



Maintained CFD designers include:

*Invited to become an Accredited Member of AIFD

Norma Arrazate CFD*
Norma Arrazate Events
Del Valle, Mexico

Kathleen Castagnoli CFD*
Kat’s Creations Floral Design
Costa Mesa, CA

Victor Castillo CFD
Floral Connexxion
San Carlos, CA

Lynde DiSomma CFD*
Ukiah, CA

Victor Erarte CFD*
Imperio de las Fiestas
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Elvira Fernández Morin CFD
Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Shawn Michael Foley CFD*
Hot House Design Studio
Birmingham, AL

William Hattel CFD*
WH Design Floral Events
Thornton, CO

Kazumi Hirasawa CFD*
Yokohama, Japan

Junko Irie CFD*
Florist Irie
Chiba, Japan

Daesun Kang CFD*
De-Blume Flower Shop
Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Mieko Kawazoe CFD*
Princeton Junction, NJ

Janet Killian CFD*
Killian Florist
Laramie, WY

Masayo Koizumi CFD*
Shizuoka, Japan

Lori Kunian CFD*
Melrose, MA

Christina WanMooi Law CFD

Enrica Lei Sio Wa CFD*
Instituto Professional Flores Design Fa Ngai Long

Chaewon Moon CFD*
Seoul, South Korea

Susana Helena Ortega CFD
Susana Floral Design
Weston, FL

Yong Hee Petrik CFD
Burnhamthorope Variety Store
Etobicoko, Canada

Shari Revier CFD
Broomfield, CO

Roxana Rodriguez CFD*
Torrance, CA

Kathy L. Rogers CFD*
Phoenix, AZ

Maxine Schaffer CFD
San Marcos, TX

Subin Shin CFD*
Chloe Gallery
Incheon, South Korea

Doriswati Suradilaya CFD
Anaheim, CA

Chikako Uzawa CFD*
Sami’s Flowers
Mission Viejo, CA







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