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Class #100
The Immersive Floral Design
Instructor: Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD, CFD
With Support From: Platinum Elite Partners Florists’ Review and FTD
We think of floral design not as an image or a final product, but an ever-evolving creative process, an immersive experience. Focusing on creating designs that envelope and interact with our sense of smell, touch and even taste, this workshop aims to bring human senses back to the forefront of floral design. Through careful curation of contrasting texture forms and above all, fragrance, we will create a structured floral design that one can literally immerse and be encapsulated in the world of flowers.


Class #200
Foliage Artistry
Instructor: Ralph Giordano AIFD, CFD
With Support From: Silver Elite Partner Floral Greens Farmers of Florida
Foliage is all the rage and has moved to the forefront alongside flowers in design. Demonstrate to your clients just how trend savvy you are! Learn the latest tips and tricks to blend incredible foliage together and add creative flair with exceptional artistry to every design.


Class #300
Tropical Fusion
Instructor: Lisa Belisle AIFD, CFD
With Support From: Diamond Elite Partner Syndicate Sales and Gold Elite Partners Green Point Nurseries and Hawaiian Tropical Flower Council
Designers view tropical flowers as untouchable due to their perceived expense, but that’s not true. Explore a tropical journey using varieties of tropical flowers and foliage that are available every day and learn to design exotic species with common staples to create maximum impact. Join Lisa and explore the tropical rainforest as she demonstrates structures and accent pieces that provide negative space and increase perceived value.


Class #400
Fibonacci Sequencing in Everyday Design
Instructor: Leopoldo Gomez and Cindy Pham AIFD, CFD
With Support From: Platinum Elite Partner Teleflora and Silver Elite Partner Sun Valley
Elevate and maximize the pure potential and aesthetic beauty that your floral designs can convey, by expanding your vision for the level of artistic floristry that you can create with precious medium of floral and botanical materials. Master the concept of the Golden Mean and be able to apply this extremely valuable tool to your floral work every day and in every project.


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