Saturday, July 4

“20/20 Perspective”
Featuring Tom Bowling AIFD, PFCI, CFDJody McLeod AIFD, CFD, Helen Miller AIFDDerek Woodruff AIFD, PFCI, CFD and Jerome Raska AIFD, PFCI, CFD

Join five dynamic floral artists as they explore and share their visions for 2020. 20/20 Perspective will broaden your awareness of the many influences that help define who we are and help impact our values. See how gender, age, origin and environment affect our perspective in this exciting collaboration! Come discover, increase, and broaden your 20/20 Vision!
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“Magic…Through the Artistry of Flowers and Paper”
Featuring Damien Koh AIFD, PFCI, CFD
Let’s take a trip with a material that is familiar to all of us – Paper. Textured, thin, thick, corrugated, etc., it comes in many formats and its design and use include gluing, tearing, folding, stacking, and premier partner wrapping. Paper can be a structure, a supporting element, an accessory or dominating material. Explore the possibilities and expand your creative paper artistry.
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“The Art of Celebratory Events”
Featuring Tanus Saab and Frank Feysa AIFD, CFD
Celebrations are an important and vibrant part of life and as floral artists, we add so much by creating the ambiance and space that bring them to life. As designers, art, nature, architecture and flowers can inspire and guide us as we create a mood for these special occasions and make them magical. Join Tanus and Frank as they explore the many possibilities for creativity when recognizing life’s special moments.
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Featuring Charlie Groppetti AIFD, CFD
Nostalgia for times past influence our choices, but we must find a balance in the present moment where the past informs the future. We must be able to look both backward and forward. This presentation is a lively adventure of design inspiration and personal revelation informed by the past and looking towards the future of designing beyond limitations – with flowers and life.
Sponsored by: AIFD Foundation


Sunday, July 5

“2020-21 American Floral Trend Forecast”
Featuring Keith White AIFD, CFD
This renowned style forecast, developed exclusively for the floral industry, guides you through the challenging landscape of current floral design trends. A team of industry leading consultants and designers develop and contribute to provide a broader explanation of each trend. Be inspired by a creative design presentation featuring future color, texture, and pattern and further your floral expertise!
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“What’s in Season?”
Featuring Marlin Hargrove AIFD, CFD, PFCI, AAF & Thaddeus Servantez AIFD, CFD
“What’s in Season?” Everything, but you will need to shop outside the cooler! Take a celebratory tour through the seasons with interpretive compositions influenced by multicultural traditions. Open your eyes and share in our vision of complementary effects as we pair impressive permanent botanicals with a stunning array of fresh florals. This compilation will bring to sight the harmony of unified elements and enlighten the soul as we discover the beauty in our differences.
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“Mythical Creatures”
Featuring Jorge Uribe AIFD, CFD, EMCAndreia Boscato Muller AIFD, CFD
From the magical world of fantasy and legends, “Mythical Creatures” will transport you to a creative and unique fashion-forward inspired runway show, where color, texture, shape, and line merge and give life to luscious couture gowns blended with splendid flowers, foliage, and botanical components. These elements are meticulously crafted using a combination of diverse techniques and mechanics.
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Featuring Andy Hopper AIFD, CFD, Adam Havrilla AIFD, CFD, & Corey Harbour AIFD, CFD, PFCI
H3 invites you to experience a bridal show like no other. Our Vision for the future is what Unifies who we are within the floral industry and more broadly, who we are as humanity. Within the floral world, and the globe as a whole, there are numerous challenges and journeys; the only way to see ahead is to be a UNIFIED group. People learn from each other in a myriad of ways and each lesson fosters growth. Once the audience enters the room, the married vision of H3 will unfold and encapsulate one’s senses.
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Monday, July 6

“Rooted UneARThed”
Featuring Jenny Thomasson AIFD, PFCI, EMC
Join Jenny as she taps into her creativity with avant-garde displays of floristry that emphasizes her chosen material, roots! Just as roots provide nutrition and stability for the plant, they too advance our techniques and materials by providing the support our creative endeavors require to grow. Jenny will delve into the compositions as well as her creative process while providing insight into the stages of her own growth as an artist and how this path has shaped her view of floristry. An exciting mixture of materials, interest and advancement in the creative process, Jenny’s desire to explore with a spirit of curiosity will inspire and encourage you to open up to the possibilities of what you can achieve.
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“Botanica Ecologica – Let Nature Define The Vision”
Featuring FTD World Cup Winner Bart Hassam
Bart Hassam will present botanical architecture, a meeting of eastern and western design elements including transparency, structure, form, and line. Symmetrical and asymmetrical organic works based on the architectural nature of plant material will be heavily worked, but with a “less is more” philosophy. Each piece of floral design will focus on Bart’s motto – Beauty though plant material, with elegance and appropriateness – but above all, with a respect for the flower. Come and enjoy a distinct vision of nature through Bart’s eyes.
Sponsored by: Platinum Elite Partner FTD