Friday, July 8 | 4:00pm – 6:30pm

“Evolution of Shapes – The Frame Bouquet”
Presented by Hanneke Frankema
This advanced premium hands-on workshop has an emphasis on Hanneke’s skillful, creative, avant-garde techniques for bouquet making. The Frame Bouquet is technical, extremely decorative and versatile in possibilities. This is a rare and exclusive opportunity to master the supreme details of construction, mechanics and methods of advanced design.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Smithers-Oasis with support from The Frame Bouquet

“Evolution of Shapes – Wedding Design”
Presented by Max van de Sluis
From the general theme and concept of Evolution of Shapes, you will learn of the diverse possibilities in wedding design through the creative process. Inspiration design techniques will be explored with this award-winning Dutch Master.
“I will not only share my techniques but also my philosophy that will help you to design your own bridal designs.” – Max Van de Sluis
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Smithers-Oasis

“The Art of Craftmanship”
Presented by Joseph Massie
Focusing on how to create discerning Bridal Bouquets to suit your personal brand, this technical seminar with attention paid to mechanical detailing and methods for bridal bouquet making is directly tied with the main stage program Radical Creativity.
Sponsored by: Gold Elite Partner Ball SB



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