Wednesday, July 6

“American Floral Trends”
Featuring Keith White AIFD, CFD
Roots premiere of the American Floral Trends will unveil current influences and observations which are thoughtfully combined with the changes and innovations in the floral industry. Trends establish the foreseeable conditions and indicators that predict floral directions for the future, expertly curated, by J. Keith White AIFD, CFD, and his distinguished team of American Floral Trend Consultants.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner FTD and Platinum Elite Partner CalFlowers


Featuring Dr. Solomon Leong AIFD, CFD & the Society of Chinese Members of AIFD®
The floral industry will emerge into a brand new exciting existence after these stages; Germination, Growth, Bloom, Decay and Reincarnation. Flowers in the post-pandemic landscape are not only a channel for emotional expression but a powerful tool to rekindle friendships around the world. Traditional floral design philosophies of the East and West will be explored and enhanced with use of modern technology.
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“Where Do We Grow From Here?”
Featuring Shawn Michael Foley AIFD, CFD, PFCI, Gina Thresher AIFD, CFD, EMC, Ursula Gunther CFD, EMC and Rebecca Raymond, EMC

Our expert team will share with you how to create an organic connection and conversation with clients by using the G.R.O.W.T.H. method through savvy use of technology and social media. Learn practical knowledge that will stimulate your marketing ideas and generate new focus for social media.
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“PULSE: Exploring Rhythm in Floral Design”
Featuring The Teleflora Education Team
Tom Bowling, AIFD, Tim Farrell AIFD,  Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, John Hosek AIFD, Vonda LaFever AIFD, Joyce Mason-Monheim AIFD, Lottie McKinnon, Jody McLeod AIFD, Helen Miller AIFD, Julie Poeltler AIFD, David Powers AIFD, Jerome Raska AIFD, Jenny Thomasson AIFD, Cindy Tole AIFD, and Renee Tucci AIFD 

Connecting the importance of human emotions with artful gift-giving opportunities that floral design represents throughout the course of a human’s life. Using live music to enhance each experience, we will guide the audience through design concepts, mechanics, principles and elements, and share how education plays a pivotal role in taking the industry to the next level.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Teleflora


Thursday, July 7

“Cultivate, Celebrate: Neotropical Hawaii”
Featuring Sue Tabbal-Yamaguchi AIFD, CFD, EMC, Brenna Quan AIFD, CFD and Lois Hiranaga AIFD, CFD

Welcome to the islands of Hawaii and beautiful exotic flowers! Hawaiian flowers will be exquisitely designed for weddings in both Neotropica and Tropical Nouveau styling. Learn the special relationship that has been cultivated between breeders, growers and designers, resulting in development of new and exciting botanical varieties. Celebrate our Aloha Spirit!
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Hawaii Tropical Flower Council and Hawaii Floriculture & Nursery Association


“Radical Creativity”
Featuring Joseph Massie
Discover your Radical Creativity! Nurture your curiosity with Theory, Principles and Elements, and the Golden Ratio. And themes that resonate like sustainability, commerciality and the Arts. Learn to approach traditional floral techniques and methods by reinventing them to suit your vision and your creative path. Build your artful vocabulary to brand a purposeful practice.
Sponsored by:  Gold Elite Partners Alexandra Farms, Greenfield & Co. and Marginpar


“Flower Forward”
Featuring Susan McLeary
Focusing on a limited set of Elements, and employing the Principles of Repetition and Rhythm, we allow the flowers to take the lead in forming our design decisions. Join us as we share how designing in this FLOWER FORWARD way allows us to communicate our values and artistic motivations through the medium of flowers.
Sponsored by: Gold Elite Partners Floral Supply Syndicate and Mayesh


“Evolving Shapes in Design”
Featuring Max van de Sluis and Hanneke Frankema

Our exploratory journey from 2D to 3D in various forms will lead us to create exciting floral art. Evolution of Shapes in design is boundless and only possible with the beautiful flower silhouette they provide. Our close connection with the growers in Holland and the passion we share is truly a collaborative Farm to Artist inspirational perception!
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Smithers-Oasis


Friday, July 8

“Rooted in Creativity, Diversity & Sustainability”
Featuring Jenny Tabarracci AIFD, CFD and Steven Brown AIFD, CFD

Building a harmonious union with nature in our businesses is a commitment and investment for the future. From the City College of San Francisco, a diverse team of educators, graduates, and students will collaborate together to Innovate, Cultivate and to forge a new GREEN direction toward sustainability in floral designs, diversity, methodology and business practices.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Syndicate Sales


“No Guts, No Glory!”
Featuring Kate Penn
The pandemic challenged our floral community in unprecedented ways. “in unprecedented ways – from forced closures, quarantines, supply chain disruptions and the lack of workers, floral industry professionals have had to dig into reserves of creativity, courage and resilience to keep going. There was a lot of discovery of untapped talents, profits, business models and partnerships. Come hear firsthand stories of courage – Guts! and successes – Glory!



“Dig Deep – Roots Panel Discussion”
Featuring Laura Walsh (Smithers-Oasis), Sarah Bagle (Accent Décor), Eric Tanouye (Green Point Nurseries), Patrick Dahlson (Mayesh), Tim Farrell AIFD, CFD, PFCI (Farrell’s Florist), Mandy Majerik AIFD, CFD, PFCI (Event Florist), Susan McLeary (Influencer), and Joseph Massie (UK Influencer).   Moderated by Kate Penn (SAF).

A panel of global industry experts will Dig Deep and Un-ROOT all aspects of the current state of the floral business. Join this conversation that will bring the floral community together to celebrate our wins and to help navigate through obstacles. Only in unity can we build a bright future for our industry.


“Botanica Ecologica – Let Nature Define The Vision”
Featuring FTD World Cup Winner Bart Hassam
Bart’s organically based compositions focusing on the architectural nature of plant material will feature sculptural forms of Australian Native reeds, sedges and foliage juxtaposed with Nature’s perfect building material – Bamboo. A meeting of Eastern and Western influences utilizes the elements of structure, transparency, form and line to create striking Botanical Architecture. Beauty through plant material, with elegance, appropriateness and minimalist approach – but above all, with a respect for the flower.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner FTD