Saturday, July 1

“Green Transformations: Upping Your Design Game with Foliage Manipulations” – SOLD OUT
Instructor: Phil Rulloda AIFD, CFD
A unique opportunity to learn from legendary designer Phil Rulloda AIFD the art of leaf manipulation. In an intimate setting discover how to braid, fold and bend foliage. Then create a distinctive design using the manipulated foliage!
Sponsored by: Bronze Elite Partner Greenpoint Nursery



Wednesday, July 5

“The World of Colour According to Per Benjamin Intensive Workshop”
Enhanced Hands-On Workshop to Benefit the AIFD Foundation
Presented by Per Benjamin
During a brief theoretical opening, the former World-cup Champion will share his ideas about colour and the background to his theory. Learn and then practice the two basic tools shared in theory as you create a sustainable design from a wide range of flowers in this intensive workshop.
Sponsored by: Platinum Elite Partner Marginpar



“Color – Lightness – Creativity 2.0”
Instructor: Björn Kroner
In this hands-on workshop, Björn takes you deeper into his world of colours, shapes and textures based on current trends. Experience with Björn how to handle flowers differently and literally make them fly. It’s about putting flowers into a new movement and making them tangible in new ways. Create your own workpiece 2.0 under the guidance of the master´s hands.
Sponsored by:  Topaz Elite Partner AIFD® North East Regional Chapter and Topaz Elite Partner AIFD® South Central Regional Chapter