Sunday, July 2 | Monday, July 3

“Creative Crescents Bridal Bouquets That Wow”
Instructor: Patience Pickner AIFD, CFD
Join Patience as she guides you in creating a stunning crescent bridal bouquet. Working with beautiful fresh flowers, a fun armature and tips and techniques that will help you in mastering this stylized design.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Syndicate Sales



“Cultivating Style in Couture Wire Design”
Instructor: Varito Vasquez AIFD, CFD
Beyond a simple wearable wire design, this workshop will help you creatively think outside the box. With simple techniques and basic movements demonstrated during the workshop, you will make an incredibly unique and highly personalized design.
Sponsored by:Diamond Elite Partner Smithers-Oasis and Diamond Elite Partner Teleflora



Tuesday, July 4 | Wednesday, July 5

“Midnight at the Oasis®️”
Instructor: Loann Burke AIFD, CFD
This class explores the use of Oasis®️ Midnight Floral Foam as both a cutting-edge mechanic as well as a decorative design element. You’ll create an innovative one-of-a-kind architectural centerpiece applying the demonstrated design techniques with your own creative flair. The possibilities are endless!
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Smithers-Oasis