Monday, July 3

“Flower Farmer”
Featuring Charlie Groppetti AIFD, CFD
It takes love and compost to make life more enriched and the soil of our imaginations more fertile. Using his experience in product development and his Horticulture degree, Charlie will design with what he grows in a survey from Farm to Home Furnishings.
Sponsored by: AIFD Foundation




“OK…Here We Are”
Featuring David Beahm
If there ever was a singular guiding commandment for special events, “it takes a village” sums it up. To dream expansively and accomplish feats of spectacle, as an industry, we are forced to come together as a singularly minded team every single week. In that spirit, David will ask for your help to achieve his creation for our Symposium, showcasing the different ways guests will experience the work, all while exploring the importance of community to impactful design and profitability.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Accent Décor and Gold Elite Partner Alexandra Farms



“Path to Creativity!”
Featuring Jenny Thomasson AIFD, CFD

Creating unapologetically and following that artistic voice is a journey that we all follow everyday, if given the chance. Jenny will be sharing her process from beginning to end, from concept to creation and all the steps in between. In this Program you will discover the provided materials with Jenny, completely unaware of what is provided until the design day. Discussion of color, texture, mechanics, emotion and how they all come together to create botanical art.
Sponsored by: Diamond ElitePartner Teleflora



“The Influencers”
Featuring Ty Leslie AIFD, CFD
Ty’s 2023 program ‘The Influencers’ will highlight ‘design inspiration’ in a world where ‘social media did not exist.’ Artist are inspired in many ways, and oftentimes, we are not aware of their sources. Ty will share his love of nature, flowers, design, and most of all, ‘the influencers’ that shaped his views and design style. After all, ‘it’s not just a blue belt!’
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Pete Garcia Company / FloraMart



Tuesday, July 4

“Tropical Heatwave”

Featuring Jackie Smith Johns AIFD, CFD and Lottie Nys AIFD, CFD
Join Lottie and Jackie as they embark on a journey to three incredibly beautiful tropical destinations. The designs you will be seeing will show the incredibly unique cultures of each destination. Even with their unique cultures, the one thing they all have in common is beautiful flowers. Get ready for inspiration, new ideas, history and fun.
Sponsored by: Gold Elite Partner Hawaii Tropical Flower Council and Hawaii Floriculture & Nursery Association


“Mythical Creatures”

Featuring Andreia Muller AIFD, CFD and Jorge Uribe AIFD, CFD
From the magical world of fantasy and legends, Mythical Creatures will transport you to a creative and unique fashion-inspired runway show, where color, texture, shape, and line merge and give life to luscious couture gowns to then be blended with splendid flowers, foliage, and botanical components, all these elements are meticulously crafted using a variated combination of mixed technics and mechanics.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Syndicate Sales


 “Laura Dowling: A Floral Adventure”
Featuring Laura Dowling
Laura Dowling’s improbable story of going from being a D.C. policy analyst to White House Chief Floral Designer is unique and inspiring. In this special program, Laura chronicles her personal journey and outlines the key lessons and pivotal decisions that elevated her to the nation’s most prestigious floral position. With a touch of humor and a spirit of generosity, she will highlight her signature French garden-style arrangements in a series of spectacular displays – with the hope and desire to spread beauty and inspiration to all.
Sponsored by: Gold Elite Partner Winward and Silver Elite Partner The Elite Flower


“The World of Colour According to Per Benjamin”
Featuring Per Benjamin
An edutaining show where Per’s very own and unique colour theory comes to life! Laughter, thoughts, facts and inspiration will blend into an irresistible message for all senses. You will hear, see, smell, read and feel it! The goal is change, to rock your thoughts and perceptions on colour and to have you rethink and discover new ways and possibilities! All presented in a wide range of designs.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Accent Décor, Diamond Elite Partner FTD, and Platinum Elite Partner Marginpar, Educational Funding in part by the AIFD Foundation



Wednesday, July 5

“Color’s Emotional Scale”

Featuring Jodi Duncan AIFD, CFD and Gretchen Sell
Flowers have their language. Color speaks too. Become the storyteller of this dynamic duo and masterfully weave their prose. Explore with us the relationship between emotions + color theory. Identify techniques to change the narrative. To shift the story. To define your own. Together, we can evoke emotions that resonate. To quote Leatrice Eisman, “color is the silent salesman.” Capitalize on color to maximize your business, your brand, your vibe, and your life.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner Smithers-Oasis and Platinum Elite Partner Floriology powered by Bloomnet


“Björn 2.0”
Featuring Björn Kroner
Nobody lets flowers “fly” with such ease as Björn. Each individual flower is given the space and respect to fully unfold its beauty. His floristry is young, unconventional and sometimes a bit crazy. Let his art, his lightness and his inexhaustible creativity inspire you. Experience how Björn combines materials, color and a wide variety of textures in a balanced combination into floral works of art with a master’s hand.
Sponsored by: Platinum Elite Partner Floriology powered by Bloomnet, Educational Funding in part by the AIFD Foundation


“The Essence of Flower”
Featuring Elly Lin
Plants for most people only mean the gorgeous flower, but disregard the simple beauty of the plant itself. The designs Elly shares will reconstruct the most original beauty of the plants, to show the veins of the leaf, stems and another look of the flower, and to create the vitality of the plant. Beside to choose the primitive material — plant, Elly also use the primitive technique— weaving, tying and gluing to give the plant a new substantiation, to convey the emotion of the plants — sometimes beautiful, sometimes restrain, sometimes cute, and sometimes plain.
Sponsored by: Diamond Elite Partner FTD, Educational Funding in part by the AIFD Foundation