*Please Note: As a part of the AIFD® COVID-19 Relief Package to support our AIFD® and CFD® members in maintaining their credentials, we have reduced the amount of CEUs due by 10 points for those who are to report in 2020 and 2021. (A total of 15 CEUs due for CFD® and 20 CEUs due for AIFD® Accredited members who are submitting in 2020 and 2021.)


How to Earn Your 30 (AIFD) or 25 (CFD) CEs/Service Units

National Symposium CEUs Earned
Attendance to all educational programs 20 (Or five per full day)
*Stage or Program Presentation 25
**Full set of DVDs/Vimeo and Test 10
**Single Main Stage or Program Presentation DVD/Vimeo and Test 1
Regional Symposium
Attendance 10
*Stage Presentation 15
Other Program 10
Education Partner Programs
Attendance (8 hours) 5 (Maximum 10 pts)
AIFD Hands-on Workshops
Attendance 5 (Maximum 10 pts)
AIFD Online Classes
One course 3 (Maximum 5 classes)
State Conventions
Attendance 5
*Design Program Presenter 10
Wholesale Design Program
Attendance 3 (Maximum 9 points)
*Design Program Presenter 5
*University Instructor 10/for 3 years
*Floral Design School Instructor 5/for 3 years
Public Presentations
*Presenter 2 (Maximum 10 points)
Attendee 1 (Maximum 5 points)
Design Articles in National Floral Publication
Writer 5 (Maximum 10 points)
Designer – No ads 5 (Maximum 10 points)
Design Articles in State/Local Industry Publication
Writer 2 (Maximum 10 points)
*Leadership Service
AIFD National Officer 4 per year
AIFD National Director 3 per year
AIFD Regional Chapter Officer/Director 2 per year
Other National Floral Organization Officer/Director 1 per year
AIFD Committee Chairperson 2 per year
Other national Floral Organization Committee Chairperson 2 per year
State/Local Floral Organization Committee Chairperson 1 per year
AIFD Membership Committee 2 per year
AIFD Committee Member 1 per year
Other National Floral Organization Committee Member 1 per year
State/Local Floral Organization Committee Member 1 per year
AIFD Liaison to State Floral Association 1 per year
*Certified/Evaluator Judge Program
Participate and complete all of the required curriculum (one online course broken up into three segments) 1 per segment completed
Pass the On-line Evaluator Test with an 80% or higher 1 for completion
Complete an in-person design evaluation workshop and assessment 2 per class completed

*AIFD Accredited Members must accumulate a minimum of five (5) units of leadership/services/educator/presenter units once every five years.

** Contact AIFD® Headquarters at info@aifd.org to request a test for a full Symposium DVD set/Vimeo™ or a test for a single Symposium Main Stage or Program Presentation DVD/Vimeo™  and for more information.

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