How to Earn Your 30 (AIFD) or 25 (CFD) CEUs/Service Units


National Symposium CEUs Earned
Attendance at educational programs

(Minimum of general, full, or single day registration)

20 (Or 5 per full day)
Stage or Program Presentation¹ 25
Live Stream & Test or Full set of Online/Vimeo & Test² 10
Single Main Stage or Program Presentation Online/Vimeo and Test² 1
Volunteer hours in Symposium/Conference main workroom 1 (per 4 hours worked)
AIFD National Hands-on Workshops Presenter¹ 10
AIFD National Hands-on Workshop Attendance

  • 1-2 hour workshops = 2
  • 3-4 hour workshops = 3
  • 6-8 hour workshops = 4
2, 3, or 4
(see descriptors)
AIFD Floral Summit/Conference CEUs Earned
Attendance at all educational programs 5
AIFD Online Classes CEUs Earned
One course completed exam passed 3
Education Partner Programs CEUs Earned
Attendance (8 hours) 5
Virtual Online Courses per hour 1 (per course)
State Conventions/Regional Conference CEUs Earned
Attendance- two day conference 5
Design Program Presenter¹ 10
Hands-on program Presenter¹ 5
Hands-on class Attendance 2
Floral Onsite Design Program CEUs Earned
Attendance 3  (Maximum of 9)
Hands-on class Attendance 2
Design Program and/or Hands-on Presenter¹ 4
Virtual Education CEUs Earned
Floral webinars & video conferences

  • Based video or conference attendance (0.5 per hour)
  • with an AIFD Certified Presenter (1.5 per hour)
  • Floral Summit Designer master class session (3 per session)
0.5, 1.5 or 3

(see descriptors)

Floral based conference or retreat

  • On site minimum of 6 hours (3)
  • with an AIFD® Certified Presenter (4)
CEUs Earned

3 or 4

(see descriptors)


·         University Instructor

·         Floral Design School Instructor

·         Floral design video educational presentation(s)

·         Virtual floral conference presenter

CEUs Earned

10 (for 3 yrs.), 15 (for 5 yrs.

5 (for 3 yrs.), 8 (for 5 yrs.)



Public Floral Education Presentations CEUs Earned
Presenter¹ 2 (Maximum of 15)
Attendance 1 (Maximum of 10)
Design Articles in National Floral Publication CEUs Earned
Writer 5 (Maximum of 15)
Designer – No ads 5 (Maximum of 15)
Design Articles in State/Local Industry Publication CEUs Earned
Writer 2 (Maximum of 15)
Leadership Service¹ CEUs Earned
AIFD National Officer 4 (per year)
AIFD National Director 3 (per year)
AIFD Regional Chapter Officer/Director 2 (per year)
Other National Floral Organization Officer/Director 1 (per year)
AIFD Committee Chairperson 2 (per year)
Other national Floral Organization Committee Chairperson 2 (per year)
State/Local Floral Organization Committee Chairperson 1 (per year)
AIFD Membership Committee 2 (per year)
AIFD Committee Member 1 (per year)
Other National Floral Organization Committee Member 1 (per year)
State/Local Floral Organization Committee Member 1 (per year)
AIFD Liaison to State Floral Association 1 (per year)
Certified/Evaluator Judge Program¹ CEUs Earned
Participate and complete all of the required curriculum (one online course broken up into three segments) 1 (per segment completed)
Pass the On-line Evaluator Test with an 80% or higher 1 (for completion)
Complete in-person design evaluation workshop and assessment 2 (per class completed)
PFDE® Evaluator 2 (per examination)
PFDE® Mentor for PFDE® Candidates 1 (per year)


1 – AIFD Accredited Members must accumulate a minimum of five (5) units of leadership/services/educator/presenter once every five (5) years.

2 – Contact AIFD® Headquarters at to request a test for Symposium, main stage, program presentation, and more information.


(Updated November 2021)