South Central Chapter Committees 2016-2017

SC AIFD Awareness Committee
SC Communications Committee
SC Finance Committee
SC Fundraising Committee
SC Nominations Committee
SC Scholarship Committee
SC Historian Task Force

SC AIFD Awareness Committee
Chairperson Nicola Parker –

The SC AIFD Awareness committee is set up to support members throughout the region in organizing and hosting AIFD Awareness events in the region. These can be as simple as a table or booth including the AIFD banner and promotional materials or as big as full-scale educational event, workshop or design exhibit. The primary goal of the Awareness Committee is to host at least 4 Awareness events within the SC region each year. If you are in need of the regional banner and need promotional materials for your event or are seeking support and volunteers for an event you are planning please contact the SC AIFD Awareness Committee.

SC Communication Committee
Chairperson BJ Dyer –

The SC Communication Committee is responsible for publishing the SC newsletter as well as keeping updated posts to the SC FACBOOK page and to the SC page on the national web site. It also helps in collecting information and notices that need to be passed along to the members. If you have news or an announcement to share please contact the SC Communications Committee.

The SC Finance Committee
Chairperson Rhonda Lynn Moeckel –

The SC Finance committee is comprised of the regional President, President Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary, National Representative to the Board and the Treasurer. The sole purpose of the finance committee is to assist in the development and review the yearly regional operational budget and to reside over any necessary or special requested budget revisions.

SC Fundraising Committee
Chairperson Lisa Weddel –, Sandi Yoshihara-Sniff –

The main function of the Fundraising committee is to help organize and facilitate fundraising event and activities through out the region. It may itself plan and event or support members in organizing an event in their areas. The primary goal of the fundraising committee is to host at least 1 fundraising event each year. If you wish to hold a fundraising event or need assistance in planning such an event please contact the SC Fundraising Committee.

SC Nomination Committee
Chairperson BJ Dyer –

Chaired by the Immediate Past President the Nominations committee is responsible for filling the South Central Ballot for the yearly elections of the officers to the regional board. It also assists the National Nominations Committee in referring a nomination for the seat of National Representative to the Board when the seat becomes available. If you are interested in being put on the ballot or would like to nominate someone please contact the Nominations Committee prior to October 31.

SC Scholarship Committee
Chairperson Todd Sweeden –

The Scholarship main purpose is to be awareness to the region that scholarships are available and to assist those applying in the filing process. Is also helps the AIFD Foundation I the review and selection process. If you would like more information on the scholarship available please contact the Scholarship Committee.

SC Historian Task Force
Chairperson Dov Kupfer –

The Historian Task Force was established as a way to keep record of the history of the South Central Region. It is currently collecting information about the events, activities and accomplishments that built the foundation of the South Central Region. The Historian Task Force is also responsible for collecting the nominations for the SC Lifetime Achievement Award. If you have stories to share or fond memories you would like to pass along or you would like to nominate someone for the Lifetime Achievement Award please contact the Historian Task Force.


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