AIFD® always welcomes the opportunity to partner with students and colleges offering Horticulture degrees. If your college is interested in starting a Student Chapter of AIFD (SAIFD) we ask that you review all of the information below to be sure that your college is able to meet the minimum criteria. If your college does meet these minimum guidelines, please contact AIFD’s National Student Membership Chair, Lesleighan Cravens, AIFD, CFD, PFCI ( or (573) 882-2625), to begin the process of getting your school set up as an SAIFD Chapter.

Policies & Procedures for Chapter Membership

1. The National Student Membership Committee shall consist of at least one representative from each region and a member of the National Board of Directors. The duties of the committee shall be:

A. Consult with SAIFD advisors.
B. Actively work to establish new SAIFD chapters.
C. Assist in design contest, chapter installations and student activities at the National Symposium.
D. Work with the chapters in a committee members’ respective region.
E. Report to student membership chair who in turn will report to the National Board.

2. An AIFD Student Chapter may be established at recognized institutions of higher learning with a two-year associate degree, a four-year baccalaureate or higher, a certificate program or cohesive series of courses in floristry. Certificate programs are included, that are within a degree program at recognized institutions of higher learning. A comparable degree will be required in other degree systems.

3. Student Chapters are officially designated (Chapter Name) Student Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers or (Chapter Name) Student Chapter of SAIFD.

4. Each Chapter will customize their constitution and by-laws from a template provided by the National Student Membership Chair. Only minor changes should be necessary in this “standardized” document that would bring each local Chapters into compliance with rules and regulations set forth by their school’s student code of conduct. A copy of the constitution and by-laws should be sent to the National Student Membership Chair for permanent files. Changes in the constitution and/or by-laws must be submitted to the National Student Membership Chair at the time they are activated.

5. Student Chapters may be organized with a minimum of five (5) student members.

6. Student Chapters must send at least one student representative to the AIFD National Symposium each year to remain active and in good standing.

7. A faculty member of the SAIFD college or university who is an active member of AIFD in good standing, or a local member of AIFD in good standing in combination with the college’s instructor, shall be the advisor (s) for the SAIFD chapter

8. Each Student Chapter will be required to file an annual report with the AIFD National Student Committee Chair in order to remain in good standing as an active Chapter. The annual report will include a list of student chapter members, the names and addresses of chapter officers and advisor(s) and a summary of major activities undertaken by the Chapter during the past year. It must be signed by the Chapter advisor and president or secretary.

9. Each Chapter of SAIFD is required to host at least one Artist In Residence (AIR) program every academic year to remain active and in good standing. After completion of the AIR program and the AIR grant application, each chapter may receive up to $500.00 to cover AIR program expenses. There will only be one AIR grant per year to each SAIFD chapter.

10. The National Student Membership Chair shall recommend to the National AIFD Board of Directors inactive status to a chapter that does not comply with #’s 6, 8 or 9 above.

11. There shall be a student membership report given as part of the AIFD Annual Report.

12. Clan plaids and banners, which represent SAIFD Chapters, will be maintained and/or stored at each SAIFD Chapter’s school.

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