Innovate Hands-On Workshops*

*Please note, each of the 9 workshops are presented 3 times. Seats are on a first come-first serve basis and limited to 30 students per class. It is $69.00/pre-register. In order to participate in the workshops, you must be registered for a Premium or General Registration. Bring your own tools — floral knife, scissors and wire cutters are the minimum. Each workshop earns 2 CEUs for AIFD / CFD.


Wearable Art: Boutonnierés Rewired
Presented by John Hosek AIFD, CFD, PFCI

With support from Teleflora and Fitz Design
Breaking the stereotype of what is considered fashionable, the once simple single blossom boutonniere has transformed into imaginative, wearable floral art. John Hosek’s creative eye for detail, mastery of mechanics and unique teaching style will captivate all who attend this hands on workshop. Join John as he rewires the boutonniere into innovative, trend-setting, wearable flora art.



East Meets West
Presented by Louisa Lam AIFD, CFD
With support from Vasesource
Upon meeting Louisa it’s easy see just how naturally inspiring she is. Her passion to share her experiences and floral techniques is surpassed only by her dedication to teaching others aspiring to expand their understanding of advanced floral design. During this workshop Louisa will explore the worlds of Japanese and Chinese Floral Art and how in combination with Western style design creates a beautiful floral aesthetic.




Tropical Fusion
Presented by Pete Samek AIFD, CFD

With support from Green Point Nurseries and FTD
Tropical fusion is the goal of this hands-on workshop taught by one of the industries leading educators, Pete Samek. Pete’s extensive background in floral academics and unique contemporary stylings make him the perfect instructor for this innovative workshop that guarantees to push creative boundaries. Imagine a place where tropical flowers meet everyday botanicals in such as way that customers embrace the beauty, value and versatility of the flora of paradise.



© 2017 Foto: Nils van Houts

European Floral Techniques
Presented by Tomas de Bruyne

With support from Smithers-Oasis
In a unique progressive floral experience, learn the tools that set the foundation for the EMC European Educational Process. This inspiring workshop will be taught by EMC founding member Tomas de Bruyne and a team of EMC graduates. Over three days, you will have the opportunity to gain insight into the fundamental Elements and Principles of the European Floral Process. Each day will focus on a different and interesting topic. Day 1: Arrangements and Structures Day 2: Bouquets and Constructions Day 3: Oasis Mechanics and Techniques. You must register for each workshop separately.
Monday, July 2 – SOLD OUT | Tuesday, July 3 – SOLD OUT
Wednesday, July 4 – SOLD OUT



Natures Bounty
Presented by Caroline Crabb AIFD, CFD

With support from FNGLA and Accent Decor
Let nature inspire you during this creative workshop taught by one of the UK’s leading floral artist. Known for her lush, organic, botanical stylings, Caroline’s mastery of designing with items plucked straight from Mother Natures garden will leave everyone inspired and eager to practice their newly learned skills. Participants will explore the botanical world of mosses, lichens, driftwood, and plants as they dig in and create living art.



Manic Mechanics
Presented by Shawn Michael Foley, AIFD, CFD, PFCI
With support from Smithers-Oasis and Accent Decor
Young or old, every florist’s biggest challenge is figuring out how to “keep it together.” Shawn takes us on an exciting journey through the often overwhelming world of mechanics. From binding boutonnière to designing on the human body, Shawn fuses a mixture of classic techniques with modern innovations. It’s time to take the manic out of mechanics and face those floral fears head on!
Tuesday, July 3 – SOLD OUT




Lush and Lavish Bouquets
Presented by Susan McLeary
With support from David Austin Roses
There is a real art to making something look effortless and non-contrived and Susan McLeary certainly understands this concept. Her unique artistic background has led Susan to discover a balance between great elements and principles and the relaxed non-conformist floral stylings that are so popular with brides today. Join Susan as she teaches techniques for creating updated wire-free, foam-free cascade bouquets and naturally styled lateral sprawling bouquets.

Monday, July 2 – SOLD OUT | Tuesday, July 3 – SOLD OUT
Wednesday, July 4 – SOLD OUT



The Finishing Touch
Presented by Claudia Saldana AIFD, CFD
With support from Smithers-Oasis
It’s all in the details and Claudia certainly knows how to make sure every detail is exquisitely executed. Known for her spectacular wedding designs and over the top bouquet stylings, Claudia will demonstrate how to finish off several styles of bouquets using different coverings and techniques that enhance the beautiful florals in her bouquet creations. As they say, “it’s not done until it’s over done,” so join Claudia and discover your own unique finishing touch. July 2-3 workshops presented in Spanish.



Fall, Winter and Christmas Trends
Presented by Kevin Ylvisaker AIFD, CFD, PFCI

With support from Smithers-Oasis
Discover the hottest color and product trends coming your way this holiday season! Learn ways to attract consumers in search of easy-to-use, profitable, design-ready products, all in style for the 2018 fall and winter holidays.





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