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July 2

Best Practices: How to be more productive in business
Presented by Angela Proffitt

Join Angela as she demonstrates how using technology and customizing communication practices will help fast track your business in the areas of conducting consultations, finding new clients, closing the sale and dealing with difficult customers.


Build Your Brand. Win the client!
Presented by BB Webb

Learn how brand is much more than your website or business cards you hand out. Brand, coupled with your company vision, culture and clear organizational systems permeates all you do in your business and wins the trust of your future clients. Learn how to connect emotionally with your prospects, communicate clearly and WIN their business.


Ctrl-Alt-Del: Reboot your business with systems that position you for growth
Presented by Tiffany Chalk

Get to know the motherboard of your business and understand what systems are, and why they are crouch to the success and growth of your business. Learn strategies you can implement to run your business that allow you to be more effective operationally and cultivate stronger client relationships.



No More Guessing! An in-depth look at the Floral Purchase Tracking Study and what it means for your business
Presented by Renato Cruz Sogueco

Join Renato as he walks you thorough floral Purchase Tracking Study, a comprehensive 12- month study and analysis of real floral purchases. Released by the American Floral endowment in the fall of 2017, Renato will reveal key findings and will demonstrate how you can put this valuable data to work in your daily business practices.


July 3

Go Big or Go Home Part 2: How to be successful in selling profitable event decor
Presented by Frankie Peltier AIFD, CFD

You’ve seen how he creates them now learn the secrets Frankie uses to sell large scale and profitable event decor. Frankie will discuss his may tips, struggles and insights for making the magic happen. *corresponding Creative Session available.



Communicate, Relate and Profit Make!
Presented by: Tina Coker AIFD, CFD and Robert Coker

A high energy, interactive workshop designed to maximize your relationships with co-workers, bosses, vendors, pretty much everyone. Re-discover the skills essential to effective communication and team building. Watch what happens when corporate service trains collides with the world of flowers! Tina and Robert share strategies to achieve the results you want from any situation.


How To Be An Internet Superstar
Presented by Donald Yim AIFD, CFD and Renato Cruz Sogueco

Donald and Renato share their vast digital knowledge in this informative, interactive session. This workshop is not just theory, attendees will pow-wow to generate ideas for posts; be provided how-to demos; learn how to capture quality photos; and take away best practices on how to most efficiently build, drive and protect their online presence using useful Apps and online tools.




Panel Discussion – Creating a niche business model
Lead by BB Web; with Angela Proffitt, Patience Pickner AIFD, CFD, PFCI, Shawn Michael Foley AIFD, CFD, PFCI and Ian Prosser AIFD, CFD, PFCI

This innovative panel of experts shares how their unique approaches to doing business have moved them in new directions and helped them grow their business in unexpected ways. Be ready to ask questions and gain new perspective from those who’ve expanded their horizons and have the results to prove it.





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