General Registration (No meals)*
Before May 15 May 15 – June 15 After June 15
AIFD Members




Non Members




Premium Registration**
Before May 15 May 15 – June 15 After June 15
AIFD Members




Non Members




Single Day Education Only (No Meals)
Before May 15 May 15 – June 15 After June 15




Dinner Only (Each Dinner)
Before May 15 May 15 – June 15 After June 15




Lunch Only (Each Lunch)
Before May 15 May 15 – June 15 After June 15




New AIFD Hands-On Classes (Pre-registration Only) ***
Click here to view all courses and times.
$59.95 per session – registered attendees $149.95 per session – non registered attendees
AIFD Foundation Design Experience (Sunday, July 5)
$125 for full day  $85 for single session

– Includes all 7/1 to 7/4 education sessions, opening reception and Partners Expo. Does not include Hands-On Classes, Foundation Workshops or the PFCI program.

**PREMIUM REGISTRATION – Includes all education sessions, two lunches, two dinners, and opening reception. Does not include Hands-On Classes, Foundation Workshops or the PFCI program.

***NEW AIFD HANDS-ON CLASSES – Pre-registration ONLY. Limit two classes per attendee. Registrant must pre-select course and time. Click here for more details.

STUDENT REGISTRATION – Must come from your SAIFD Advisor. Please see your advisor for registration information.


Advance registration is now closed. Please register onsite in Denver.
*Please note we are sold out of all meals as well as Premium registrations. 

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The programs lined up for “Journey” are truly sensational and an early registration sell-out is possible. Be sure to register early! Advance registrations will close June 15 and must be received with proper payment in the AIFD office by that date.

On-site registrations (if available) will open at 8:00 a.m. on June 30 in the Sheraton Downtown Denver Hotel. No checks will be accepted for on-site registrations; cash or approved credit cards only.

Important: priority to meal function registrations will be given to those with Premium or General Registrations.


AIFD highly recommends the Premium Registration as it is the greatest value. This includes all programs, seminars (except for those indicated otherwise), and meal functions. However, there are other options designed to fit everyone’s budget and time restrictions. A General Registration includes all 7/1 to 7/4 sessions, the opening reception and Partners Expo. Or, you may opt for a Single Day Registration and view only the programs and activities of the day(s) of your choice.


To assist you in being able to sit with your friends, table seating for AIFD’s two wonderful dinner events is coordinated through an assignment of seats prior to each event. Upon check-in with the AIFD Symposium Registration Desk in Denver, guests who registered for one or both dinners will receive a ticket for the respective events to which they have registered. These tickets MUST be turned in to the table-seating coordinator at the AIFD Registration Desk in order for a seat at a specific table to be assigned. Guests who wish to sit with friends, etc., need to collect all tickets before turning them in for table assignment. Tables cannot be held without tickets. If you know that you want to sit with certain friends or family for either dinner, be sure to coordinate the collection of tickets in advance. All tickets must be returned for table assignment by noon on the day of the dinner event. Otherwise AIFD cannot guarantee a seat for you, even if you have purchased a ticket. No refunds will be given.


“Up Close and Personal with Johan Husiman” taking place Sunday, July, 5 from 9 a.m. -3 p.m.
Click here for details. 


Full refund if canceled by May 15. A $100.00 charge will be applied to any cancellations between May 15 and June 15. There will be no refunds made after June 15.

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