This page features the 2023- 2026 committees of volunteer members who are working hard to enhance the value of membership in AIFD® and to assist the floral industry in the advancement of the art of professional floral design.


AIFD’s Awards Committee is responsible for soliciting and reviewing nominations for the five distinguished awards which may be presented each year. The Committee makes its selection recommendations to the AIFD® Board for approval. The Committee is then responsible for the coordination of the Awards ceremonies at the National Symposium.

Chairperson: Tom Bowling AIFD, CFD
Vice Chairperson: John Kittinger AIFD, CFD
2024: Pete Samek AIFD, CFD and Laurie Lemek AIFD, CFD
2025: Ken Norman AIFD, and Kevin Coble AIFD, CFD
Fellows Representative: Tom Simmons AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Laurie Lemek AIFD, CFD

Ethical Standards & Bylaws Nominations & Elections

AIFD® Bylaws Committee is charged with the annual review of the Institute Bylaws and for evaluating and making recommendations to amend the Bylaws when requests for such are received by members. The Nominations and Elections Committee coordinates both the National election of members to the AIFD® Board and the election of the officers of the Board. They receive recommendations for nominee considerations and also must help coordinate the elections of Regional Chapter leaders.

Chairperson and Board Liason: Todd Sweeden AIFD, CFD
Past President Representative: Janet Black AIFD, CFD
Members: Vonda LaFever AIFD, CFD (’24), John Kittinger AIFD, CFD (’24), Kim Oldis AIFD, CFD (’24), Sharon McGukin AIFD (’25), David Kessler AIFD, CFD (’25)


The Education Committee is responsible for researching, developing and implementing educational materials and programs for the professional development of AIFD® members and the floral industry at large. Specifically, the Research Sub-committee oversees the continuing development and revision of the AIFD® Book of Floral Terminology. Through special assignments for research and group discussions, it collects, maintains, defines and refines information pertinent to floral designers. The Committee “Trenditorial” Sub-committee is also responsible for helping to bring the latest on trends in floral design to the members of AIFD®.

Career Development:
Chairperson: Lesleighan Cravens AIFD, CFD
Vice Chairperson: Lisa Belisle AIFD, CFD
2024: Julia Marie Schmitt AIFD, CFD, Carrie Waterman AIFD, CFD

2025: Antoniette Smith AIFD, CFD, Irina Sheshukova AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Pete Samek AIFD, CFD
Industry Partner Advisor: Laura Rich

Chairperson:  Bill McKinley AIFD, CFD
Vice Chairperson: Janet Gallagher AIFD, CFD
2024: Bob Tucker AIFD, CFD, Kelsey Thompson AIFD, CFD

2025: Abel Gonzalez Mencino AIFD, CFD, Sandy Schroeck AIFD, CFD, Michelle Headrick AIFD, CFD, Adam Gladue AIFD, CFD
Online Advisor: Bill McKinley AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Ken Norman AIFD

Education Partners:
Chairperson: Terry Godfrey AIFD, CFD
Vice Chair: Rocio Del Pilar Silva Davila AIFD, CFD
2024: Solomon Leong AIFD, CFD, Keith White AIFD, CFD
2025: Renee Tucci AIFD, CFD, Julie Reed AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Renee Tucci AIFD, CFD


All matters of finance are referred to this important committee. The Finance Committee develops and recommends to the National Board, AIFD’s annual budget. Before the Board can adopt new programs, which will have a financial impact on the Institute, it must refer the matter to the Finance Committee for approval.

Chairperson and Board Liason: BJ Dyer AIFD, CFD (’24)
President: Theresa Colucci AIFD, CFD (’24)
President-Elect: Laurie Lemek AIFD, CFD (’24)
2024: Trisha Haisler AIFD, CFD
2025: Susan Ishkanian AIFD, CFD, Ralph Giordano AIFD, CFD
2026: Jeanna Furst AIFD, CFD, Rhonda Lynn Moeckel
Fellows Rep: George Mitchell AIFD, CFD (’26)


A separate entity from the Institute, the AIFD® Foundation is organized solely for the purpose of expanding opportunities for floral design education. It coordinates scholarship programs for student members of AIFD® and presents grants for the development of higher levels of design education.

Lynn Lary McLean AIFD, CFD


Chairperson: Janet Black AIFD, CFD (’25)
Vice-Chair: Bob Gordon AIFD, CFD (’25)
Life Member Advisors: Jim Blythe AIFD, CFD, Rocky Pollitz AIFD, CFD, David Hope AIFD, CFD, Frankie Sheldon AIFD, CFD
Chapter President Reps:
Brenna Quan AIFD, CFD (NW)
Angelyn Tipton AIFD, CFD (S)
Alan Masters AIFD, CFD (SC)
Lupita Quintana AIFD, CFD (SW)
Shannon Toal AIFD, CFD (NE)
Sheryl Doerr AIFD, CFD (NC)
Liaison: Laurie Lemek AIFD, CFD

Industry Partners

Industry Partners serve as a vital support mechanism for AIFD®. The Industry Partners Committee is responsible for recruiting Partners and for communicating their needs to the AIFD® National Board. The Committee also hosts a light reception for the Partners and coordinates the Partners New Product Program at the National Symposium.

Chairperson: Sheri Jentsch AIFD, CFD
Vice-Chair: Tricia Won AIFD, CFD
2024:  Mark Pellon AIFD, CFD, David Elder AIFD, CFD, Scott Ellingboe AIFD, CFD, Winnie Leenaarts AIFD, CFD, Cathy Brunk AIFD, CFD
2025: Aaron Bowden CFD, Bridget Joslin AIFD, CFD, Amanda Elliot AIFD, CFD, Carrie Watermann AIFD, CFD, Laura Graham Ryals AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: William Hattel AIFD, CFD


AIFD’s Marketing Committee has a two-dimensional program in place to promote AIFD® and its members: to the floral industry and to the public. The committee coordinates a multitude of initiatives to do this. Sub-Committees include one that focuses on Flower Shows and another that helps to coordinate AIFD® Across America sessions.

Chairperson: Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner AIFD, CFD
Vice Chair: Kenneth Snauwaert AIFD, CFD
2024: Michael Smith AIFD, CFD, Bradley Cranford AIFD, CFD, Gina Thresher AIFD, CFD, Poppy Parsons AIFD, CFD
2025: Jo Jarvis AIFD, CFD, Brenna Quan AIFD, CFD, Kelly Mace, Robbyn Rae Repp, CFD
International Committee Advisor: Louisa Lam AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Sharrai Morgan-Faulkner AIFD, CFD


While every committee is important to AIFD, none has a greater impact on the future of the Institute than the Membership Committee. This committee is responsible for the development and coordination of the process one must successfully complete to become an Accredited Member. They must evaluate the design work of every Candidate for membership with the focus being on always maintaining the highest standards and credibility for AIFD.

Chairperson: Ken Senter AIFD, CFD
First Vice Chair: Loann Burke AIFD, CFD
Second Vice Chair: Teresa Godfrey AIFD, CFD
Past Chairperson: D. Damon Samuel AIFD, CFD
Cert.Eval/Judging: Louisa Lam AIFD, CFD
CFD Liaison: Sue Bain AIFD, CFD
International Liaison: Ikuko Hashimoto AIFD, CFD
Laureate Liaison: Carol Inskeep AIFD, CFD
Member Communicate: Tom Bowling AIFD, CFD
Member Recruitment: Loann Burke AIFD, CFD
Member Retention: Damon Samuel AIFD, CFD
Mentoring: Dov Kupfer AIFD, CFD
PFDE Coordination: Kenny Snauwaert AIFD, CFD
Reviews/Audits: Bob Tucker AIFD, CFD
Reviews/ Audits Education: N/A Done by Ed. Partners Comm
Board Liaison: Ken Senter AIFD, CFD

Focal Points

Editor: Jody Duncan AIFD, CFD
Co-Editor: Gina Thresher AIFD, CFD
Chapter Past President Representatives:
Debbie Strand AIFD, CFD (NC)
Marisa Guerrero AIFD, CFD (SC)
Brenna Quan AIFD, CFD (NW)
Sam Prom-Chiem AIFD, CFD (SW)
Renee Tucci AIFD, CFD (NE)
Jody McLeod AIFD, CFD (S)
Emerging Professional Committee: Michael Smith AIFD, CFD
International Committee Advisor: Louisa Lam AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Rachelle Neal AIFD, CFD

Student Membership/Artists in Residence

The Student Membership Committee coordinates and provides support to the various student chapters of AIFD®. The Committee also coordinates AIFD’s Artists In Residence program, which provides an expert floral artist as a lecturer for various college classes.

Chairperson: Marianne Suess AIFD, CFD (’24)
Vice Chairperson: Brent Leech AIFD, CFD (’24)
2024: Melinda Lynch AIFD, CFD, Kyla Beutler AIFD, CFD
2026: Mary Linda Horn AIFD, CFD, Sabine Green AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Chris Column AIFD, CFD

Student Competition

Coordinate the annual floral design competition that takes place at each National Symposium.

Chairperson: Nicola Parker AIFD, CFD (’24)
Vice Chairperson: Aisha Crivens AIFD, CFD
2024: Angelyn Tipton AIFD, CFD, Hanna Souther AIFD, CFD, Clayton Honeycutt AIFD, CFD, Rhonda Lynn-Moeckel AIFD, CFD
2026: Hallie Morrison AIFD, CFD, Antoinette Jones AIFD, CFD, Heather Towne AIFD, CFD, Amanda Voss AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Nicola Parker AIFD, CFD


Provides leadership and direction in the establishment of long-term policies and procedures to assure AIFD®  members and the floral industry of the quality of a National Symposium.

Chairperson: Chris Norwood AIFD, CFD
President: Theresa Colucci AIFD, CFD
President-Elect: Laurie Lemek AIFD, CFD
Treasurer: BJ Dyer AIFD, CFD
Co-Executive Directors: Camron King MPPA, Andrés Polanco MA
Symposium Director: Suzie Kostick AIFD, CFD
’24 Coordinator: Jody Mcleod AIFD, CFD
‘24 Program Coordinator: Michael Derouin AIFD, CFD
’24 Support Team: Jenny Thomasson AIFD, CFD, Ralph Giordano AIFD, CFD
’25 Coordinator: Lori Novak AIFD, CFD
’25 Program Coordinator: Frank Feysa AIFD, CFD
Partner Developement: Lori Novak AIFD, CFD
Vice Chair: Jenny Behlings AIFD, CFD
Site Selection: Ann Jordan AIFD, CFD (’24), Joyce Mason- Monheim AIFD, CFD (’25), Tom Simmons AIFD, CFD (’26)
Board Liaison: Renee Tucci AIFD, CFD

Emerging Professionals

Chairperson: Michael Smith AIFD, CFD (’24)
Vice Chair: Bridget Habetler AIFD, CFD (’24)
2024: Alicia Springfield AIFD, CFD
2025: Jolene Powell AIFD, CFD
Board Liaison: Jodi McShan AIFD, CFD